Motorcycle Update: Ural Key Blank Challenge, Now With Code Cards To Download

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A locksmith contacted Locksmith Ledger recently and asked what key blank was correct for a Ural motorcycle. We did not have any information on Ural cycles. Our extensive library of key blank catalogs did not show one listing for Ural. Thus began our search to find some answers.

Google lists several websites for Russian-made Ural motorcycles. One humorous website anecdote states: “95 percent of all Ural motorcycles are still on the road. The other 5 percent made it back home again.” Russia and Germany reportedly made an agreement in the late 1930s in which Russia received plans and drawings for German BMW motorcycles. Russia copied the BMW opposing piston motor design. Mechanical features of Ural motorcycles have not changed much during the last 60 years.

Thanks to the Holopaw Ural dealership in St. Cloud, Fla., we learned everything there is to know about Ural ignition locks. We acquired three different Ural ignition switches of various ages. According to Holopaw Ural, a series of keys and lock switches have been used by Ural over the years. Ignition switches have been made in Russia, China or Taiwan depending on the timeframe.

Two of the Ural ignition switches we have use the same key blank. One switch is from China and one is from Russia. The keyway is similar to an HD74 Honda cycle key but that is where the similarity ends. Many cycle key blanks have the correct blade shape, but the blanks are too short, too narrow or too wide. The most compatible key is an Ilco X105 / KA11. The cutting surfaces on each side of the blank must be filed slightly until the key smoothly enters the Ural lock plug. The dimension from side to side should be approximately .287”.

Even though original double-sided Ural keys have a small, slanted shoulder, the keys are tip-stopped and the shoulder does not touch the plug. When an Ilco X105 is inserted into the Ural ignition lock, the tip hits before the shoulders fully enter the plug housing. Original Ural double-sided keys have six cuts but the cut nearest the bow is a false cut. There are only five wafers in the lock.

Spacing: 596-496-396-295-195.

Depths: 1.)287 2.)272 3.)256 4.)240 5.)224.

The lock plug is retained in the housing with a spring retainer. There is no retainer access hole but one can be drilled. A photo of the ignition housing shows where a hole was drilled to depress the retainer and remove the plug. When looking into the keyway, all tumblers can be seen on one side of the plug. Drill the retainer access hole 180 degrees opposite of where the tumblers can be seen.

Older Ural ignition switches used a single-sided key. Usually there is some type of existing substitute blank which can be used. In this case the closest blank is an Ilco 1098M / B1. Even so, one side of the blank must be filed on an angle before the 1098M / B1 will easily enter the plug. A solid retainer is used. The only way to remove the plug is to disassemble the plastic switch unit on the rear of the housing (not suggested). The best idea is to fit this key by impressioning.

Spacing: 157-256-354-453-551.

Depths: 1.)250 2.)234 3,)219 4.)202 5.) 187.


Big Dog Cycles

Another interesting story concerns Big Dog cycles. They reportedly discontinued business in 2011 but some Big Dog dealers still have models to sell. A Minnesota locksmith was asked to fit keys to a new Big Dog cycle on a showroom floor. The most popular code series is BD01-BD50. After providing Locksmith Ledger with several key readings from other Big Dog cycles at that dealer, we have determined all 50 BD codes. A few models used a 5-cut key and a different BD code series. According to the Internet, Big Dog 4-cut keys often vibrated loose and fell out of the ignition while travelling. Five-cut locks were probably a last gasp try at solving the problem before the company folded.

Use an Ilco TH1-P key blank for Big Dog cycles.

Spacing: 169-268-366-465.

Depths: 276-248-220.


Harley Davidson

A Milwaukee locksmith discovered this lock change on Harley ‘Iron’ models. A H-D dealer explained that in 2011, Harley introduced an electronic remote security option on ‘Iron’ models. All 2013+ Iron models now use this remote system. An ignition key, similar to an HYD13 key, is used for the ignition, fork lock and luggage locks. Both the ignition key and the remote must be present to start the cycle.

Although the new ignition keys are standard 7-wafer keys, Harley Davidson will not furnish key blanks. Keys can only be factory ordered by the dealer using the individual cycle serial number. In addition, Locksmith Ledger has discovered that there are at least four different key blade shapes. Codes on the keybow show A/B/C or D which indicates the keyway. Hopefully aftermarket key manufacturers will be introducing these key blanks soon so locksmiths can at least offer key fitting and duplication services.

Spacing: 217-311-406-500-594-689-783.

Depths: 1.) 295 2.) 264 3.)232.


Kawasaki / Honda

Several motorcycle models now have locks with an increased length between the face of the lock plug and the shoulder stop. This often requires key blanks with a longer dimension between the keybow and the shoulder but the actual cutting dimensions from shoulder to first cut remains the same. One example of this is the Jet KA34-NP blank. The blade is identical to the Jet KA30-NP blank, but the KA34-NP is longer to fit fully into some newer Kawasaki cycle ignitions. The correct Kawasaki key blank can be determined by reading the “KM” number on the ignition bezel. KM4 indicates a Jet KA30-NP blank; KM12 indicates a Jet KA34-NP blank and KM10 indicates a Jet KA30-NP key blank.

Honda went even further and changed both the blade length and the spacing. After 20 years of using the HD74 and HD75 keyways, Honda introduced a new key blank in 1997. The Jet blank number is HD114-NP. In 2002 some Honda CBR954 and CBR1000 models began using a key blank with the same HD114-NP blade shape but the blade is longer and the first cut begins two spaces further away from the shoulder. The new Jet Honda key blank is HD109-NP.

Motorcycle lock systems are changing along with their automobile counterparts. Several models in the last few years such as Ducati, Vespa and Honda now use transponder security systems. Just as with the Ural cycle, a sparse amount of information has been collected for programming motorcycle transponder keys. Further motorcycle programming and key blank information will be printed as it becomes available.

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