Serving The Customer

A locksmith called recently to discuss a phone call he had with a manufacturer in our industry. The electronic product which this locksmith had was no longer functioning and the locksmith had called the manufacturer to ask what options were available to solve the problem. The only solution the manufacturer could provide was for the locksmith to purchase a new product.

Since I was not involved in the original phone conversation, there is no way of positively knowing either how terse the manufacturer representative was or what the condition of the product was. Because the locksmith was irritated enough to immediately call me, it appears that the manufacturer could have better handled the customer service issue in this instance.

With competition increasing as it is today, every customer you already have is important. The cost of keeping current customers satisfied is much less than the cost of developing new customers. Anything you can do to remove irritation as an issue in business dealings helps to guarantee future business with that same customer. When a customer is not satisfied with a business outcome, the chances are that the customer will look elsewhere for service in the future.

Car dealers have developed customer service almost to an art form. If you have either purchased a car from a dealer or taken your car into a dealer for service, the last request before the dealer allows you to leave is for you to fill out a form concerning satisfaction with your experience. Salesmen have even asked me to give them a high score since they are competing with other salesmen and dealers for the best overall customer satisfaction scores.

When making a call to many companies these days, the first voice you hear is an automatic recording stating that the conversation will be recorded for future training purposes. This is another indication of the importance companies attach to quality customer service.

When it comes to customer satisfaction in the locksmith industry, Securitron comes to mind. Every security item does have some type of warranty or guarantee. Depending on the amount of time a new product sits on the shelf, the warranty can be over before it is ever installed. Securitron has a different plan. Return their product for a new one anytime, no questions asked.

Customer service is just as important at Locksmith Ledger. Call either Jerry Levine or me anytime during business hours and we will also try our best to provide assistance, no questions asked. Reach Gale Johnson at 847-454-2703 (Illinois) or Jerry Levine at 818-700-0640 (California).