The Back Page, May 2014


Jerry Levine took a tour of the AMSEC safe factory. Vaughan Armstrong tested the WASP, a tool used for safe manipulation.  Don Shiles, a safe expert working for the military, described his ideas on when to resort to drilling a locked safe.  Donald Davis related his interesting story about opening a TRTL-30 safe after two other experts had failed.  Jerry Levine offered some suggestions on purchasing the right service van for your business. Jerry also reported on one of the last American Lock & Supply conventions.  An article on alarm installing showed that only 1 in 10 residences currently had a home alarm. What are the statistics today?  James Glazier made recommendations on designing and installing high security locks. Ed Hite offered suggestions on installing electromagnetic locks.  Gale Johnson toured the FireKing Safe factory in Indiana.  Locksmith Ledger staged one of their famous Ledgerworlds in St. Louis Missouri. Seems like only yesterday.  Louis George described servicing concealed door closers as a profitable market. A chart showed key blank comparison numbers for every popular vehicle of the day. Milt Wolferseder offered suggestions for servicing electronically controlled safes.



Jerry Levine reported on the expanding popularity of decorative key blanks. Laurie Simon provided a historical account of companies which have been in the aftermarket key blank business over the years. Still great reading today.  Locksmith Ledger tested the Ilco Universal II code machine, another entrant in the code card machine arena. Gale Johnson reported on a system for originating sidewinder keys on a sidewinder duplicator machine.  Tim O’Leary provided a fresh look at the changing field of automotive locksmithing. Sidewinders and transponders have changed everything.  Tom Gillespie suggested exit device repair as a profitable addition to your other services.  Jerry Levine replaced a double-door, mortise lock installation with Detex Advantex vertical rod assemblies.  Rod Oden continued a series on basic CCTV training.  Jerry Levine also showed how to install a Sargent 10 Line lever lock.  Steve Kaufman divulged some secret tips on the 'Secret to Success" for locksmiths.  Tiny serviced the locks on a 2002 Honda CR-V.  Where is he now?


Lost Safe Lock Combinations?

A reader recently asked Locksmith Ledger the following question:

“I have a safe that was purchased approximately 32 years ago. It was my mother in laws and since she passed we cannot find the combination for it. Is it possible that there is a record of it? I would hate to destroy the safe. We don't know if there is anything in it. But if there is we would like to have it.”

Locksmiths who specialize in safecracking probably get similar questions on a regular basis. Here was our reply, based on the photo.

Safe lock serial number information is only available from the manufacturer. Lori Lock is no longer in business. Kaba Ilco purchased the assets of Lori Lock about 25 years ago. You can call Kaba Ilco at 800-849-8324 (North Carolina). If they cannot assist you then the best alternative is to contact a reputable locksmith in your local area.