A New Approach From STANLEY Security

Important news for locksmiths is that STANLEY Security has established an exclusive group of well-known locksmith distributors across the country, now stocking STANLEY Security products. Field-servicing of BEST interchangeable core lock products will now be assigned to independent local providers of locksmith services.

Locksmith Ledger recently interviewed Jason Pulliam, VP Sales – STANLEY Security Products Group, North America, about this move. Following are the Ledger’s questions and Pulliam’s answers.

Why did STANLEY Security change its business model?

Our old model included being a manufacturer, a distributor and a service provider. Our focus now is on being a world-class manufacturer and partnering with professional distributors and locksmiths to provide the distribution, installation and servicing of our products. Our end user customers require quick deliveries and service so their operations can run smoothly. Partnering with distributors and service providers moves inventory closer to the customer for quicker delivery and provides them with many service providers.

Previously, we were an individual lock company competing against other lock companies. Hardware is sold very differently today than it was 10-20 years ago. People now purchase packages of hardware which may include locks, exit devices, door closers, hinges and other accessories. Our old business model was not conducive to selling this way.

Our new business model helps in the new construction area by partnering with contract hardware distributors, and in the aftermarket with a select network of master distributors that are full -service providers and aftermarket wholesalers that provide additional inventory and support in the field. We also have a strong leadership team with significant industry experience to guide us through the change.

Why is this good for locksmiths?

Institutional locksmiths are now provided with speedier access to our products which are now found locally at many of our master distributors or wholesalers. BEST has over 120,000 active key systems that we formerly managed directly. These are all potential new customers for independent locksmiths.

Our full complement of institutional grade products include BEST locks, cylinders and keys, electronic products, PRECISION exit devices and low energy operators, STANLEY door closers and hinges plus Sargent & Greenleaf safe and vault locks. We also have STANLEY Commercial Hardware for commercial grade projects. STANLEY products are stocked by an exclusive array of aftermarket locksmith distributors which are strategically located in every region of the country.

Electronic security products are also part of the STANLEY Security program. The STANLEY Commercial Hardware EL Series Electronic Lock is the perfect solution for commercial applications. The EL Series Lock is an affordable option for smaller businesses that need to limit and control access both internally and externally. The EL Series Lock has a prox reader integrated into the lock and can support up to 1000 users. The EL Series Electronic Lock can be used as a standalone unit or can be operated as a wireless lock via a gateway using web-based software.

Can you explain your “Lock In Rewards” program?

With every BEST, PRECISION and STANLEY purchase, locksmiths can accumulate points toward products such as DEWALT tools, gift cards and other merchandise. Contact your STANLEY Security distributor for more information.

How are you promoting your products?

STANLEY Security will conduct a class at the ALOA national convention in July, covering BEST interchangeable core combinating. STANLEY Security will also be appearing at local wholesaler and dealer events around the country to sponsor a speed challenge lock installation contest. Contestants with the fastest times will be entered into a drawing with a Ford Mustang as the winning prize.

In addition to assisting locksmiths in building business, STANLEY Security is also committed to the donation of a minimum of $50,000 to Wounded Warrior Project (WWP). More STANLEY Security product purchases by locksmiths mean additional contributions from STANLEY Security.

STANLEY Security is a U.S.- based corporation. BEST lock products have a heritage of 90 years in the industry. BEST interchangeable core products, pins and other components are made to necessarily precise tolerances in Indianapolis, Indiana – competitively priced products from the inventors of interchangeable core products.

For more information on STANLEY Security products contact a local STANLEY Security dealer or 855-365-2407, www.stanleysecurity.com.