Support for Wounded Warrior Project

Some day perhaps mankind will discover how to peacefully exist together on planet Earth. Meanwhile, recorded history from biblical times until the present often uses war as a way to describe time periods along the way.  World wars dominated history in the twentieth century with the Korean and Vietnam War as further milestones.

Wars in the twentieth century usually involved  large forces facing each other.  The grim reality is that many soldiers died on the battlefield. Survivors returned home, usually with more mental than physical scars.

We have a different situation today. Columns of soldiers on the battlefield have been replaced by modern machines such as drones and guided missiles. Under these condition aggressors around the world have resorted to mingling with the general population and staging individual attacks which are designed to break our will over an extended amount of time.  

A favorite aggressor target is groups of our soldiers on patrol. Buried land mines, small arms fire and suicide bombers all take their toll.  While modern medicine advances can bring injured soldiers back to good health, an amount of otherwise healthy men and women are returning home with lost limbs.

Wounded war veterans are not being forgotten. A Wounded War Project (WWP) has been initiated to support our wounded returning veterans.  The purpose of WWP is to raise awareness and to enlist the aid of the public in supporting these returning heroes.

Stanley Security Solutions Inc. is one company which has joined in this effort. Their announcement states,"Stanley Security is committed to donating a minimum of $50,000 in 2014 to Wounded Warrior Project. More Stanley Security purchases from locksmiths mean more contributions from Stanley Security. Stanley Security salutes Wounded Warrior Project and their mission to provide programs and services to meet the needs of injured service members. Every time you purchase one of our products, you're helping honor our nations' heroes returning from the battlefield. Make a difference for your business and for your country."

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