Gate Security Solutions From Locinox

Locksmiths have always been the go-to people when members of the public have a security question. For some reason, few lock manufacturers have developed dedicated security lock products for gates. In the past, the primary solution for securing gates was to cut and weld brackets onto gate rails and install hardware which was usually not designed for exterior usage. Rust, corrosion and frequent hardware upkeep were the normal results.

Locinox USA now has a solution for almost any gate security question. You can choose from a wide variety of locks, gate closers, hinges and accessories. Locinox USA products are quality, heavy duty products expressly made for outdoor use. Simple, bolt-on procedures make installations an easy chore.


LAKQ H2 Ornamental Gate Lock

Lock handing can be changed without disassembling the lockset. One turn of the key extends the bolt 1 inch. Bolt and latch extension lengths are adjustable. Stainless steel parts deter formation of corrosion. Only four holes are required to complete the installation. Two hex socket head screws retain the lockset. LAKQ locksets are available in light and dark green, black, white and an uncoated aluminum finish.


LMKQ V2 Mechanical Code Lock

This completely mechanical lockset requires no battery or electrical connections. Keypads are located on both sides of the gate. Separate codes can be set for each keypad to allow independent entrance and exit. Codes of four to six digits can be used. Code is automatically reset as the handle is used to unlatch the lockset. An adjustable rollerball latch provides easy gate closing. Lock cylinder provides key bypass. Caps cover the keypad for added weather protection. Only four holes are required to complete the installation. Two hex socket screws retain the lockset. Color choices are light and dark green, black, white and silver.

Locinox USA locksets described here are only a small part of the many lock models available. Specialty locks for sliding gates, hinged swimming pool gates, electrically operated locksets and Locinox mortise locksets for installation into wood or aluminum frames complete the product line.


LAKQ U2 Industrial Lock

The LAKQ U2 industrial lock is comprised of an aluminium housing and stainless steel mechanism. Locinox recommends this lock as a standard for all industrial gates. The 20 mm continuous adjustability of the bolts allows a perfect alignment of the locking mechanism. A massive stainless steel throw of 23mm guarantees secure locking. The aluminum handle pair is standard.


N-Line Mag Locks

Electromagnetic locks have the advantage of no moving parts. Locinox USA N-Line Mag locks are available in four configurations. Model MAG2000 provides 440 lbs of single-point holding strength. Model Mag4000 provides 880 lbs of single-point holding strength. Model MAGMAG2000 contains two Mag2000 units and provides 880 lbs of dual-point holding strength. Model MAGMAG4000 contains two Mag4000 units and provides 1760 lbs. of dual-point holding strength. Rounded housings encase the mag lock units and protect passers-by from bumping into projecting parts.


Mammoth Gate Closer

A new addition to the Locinox USA line is their Mammoth gate closer. The Mammoth closer is also used as the top hinge and is supplied with a stainless steel bottom hinge called the Rhino. Maximum opening force is 3.5 lbs., which is ADA compliant. Adjustments are provided for both closing and latch speed control. Mammoth gate closers are suited for gates weighing up to 330 lbs. Horizontal and vertical adjustments allow up to 3/4”of movement. Closers can be used for either left or right hand openings. Seven Quick-Fix fasteners allow fast, easy installation.


Samson Stainless Steel Closer

Another Locinox USA favorite is the Samson adjustable door closer. The closer is mounted on the top rail of the gate. Closing speed is not affected by humidity or temperature changes. Rustproof materials resist rain and frost. Adjustments can be made for both closing speed and closing pressure.

Locinox USA offers a complete line of gate hinges, strike plates (keeps), gate catches and drop bolts. Lever handles are available in a variety of finishes and designs. Drilling jigs are available to simplify and speed installations.

For more information contact: Locinox USA, 877-562-4669, email or web site