Codelocks Delivers Standalone Access Control With Benefits of Electronics

The demand for standalone access controls continues to grow, as end-users seek low-cost, high tech locking solutions for where wiring and power sources are not readily available. Programmable PIN-based electronic access control provides the flexibility to change a code and deny access in moments without the delay and expense of rekeying.

Locksmiths who are out of their comfort zone with electronics are migrating to access control by starting to offer standalone solutions such as the Codelock 5210 and NetLock from Codelocks. These products offer the benefits of electronics, and the optional convenience of audit trails and remote management, using USB and Internet.

Codelocks is an innovative designer and manufacturer of electronic and mechanical pushbutton locks for doors, cabinets and lockers. Whether controlling access to certain areas or safeguarding confidential or dangerous materials, the locks offer users a convenient standalone solution without the need of issuing keys or cards. The locks are stylish, easy to install and are supplied with everything required to complete the installation: instructions, templates and components.

Codelocks’ digital locks do not require complex wiring, ID cards or external power. Every product is shipped with everything in the box to complete the installation – parts, instructions, templates – everything except the tools.

Codelocks was founded in 1990, has over 100 employees in its headquarters in Newbury, Berkshire UK and satellite offices in Asia and America. Codelocks products are available through a worldwide network of distributors or directly through the Codelocks website.

Codelocks manufactures its products to the ISO9001:2000 quality standard and offers every mechanical lock with a limited lifetime guarantee. If the lock develops a manufacturing fault, it will be repaired, serviced or replaced free of charge.

The CL5000 range are heavy duty electronic pushbutton locks with full size lever handles for use in high traffic applications. The stylish, contemporary design incorporates all the features of the CL2000 and CL4000 ranges, in a larger, more robust assembly.

Unlike the other electronic locks, the CL5000 range has a conventional three by four-button keypad which most users will be instantly familiar.


Electronic Functionality

Electronic functionality provides major benefits over mechanical locks, such as multiple user codes and on-door programming. Locks are fully programmable on the door via the keypad with a multiple range of functions.

  • Allows up to 80 User Codes 4, 5 or 6 digits long
  • On door programming via Master (programming) Codes
  • Allows up to 10 One-Time User Codes to be entered
  • Locked / unlocked LED indicator option
  • PVD weather resistant, low maintenance finish
  • Over 200,000 operations from 4 x AA cells (supplied)
  • Tamper time out and low battery warning
  • Connections for remote release by reception desk button, and alarm release included
  • Code Free entry mechanically by key or electronically from the keypad
  • Front change cylinder
  • Can be supplied with Master Key Option - Contact Codelocks
  • Grade 2 ANSI - A156.2 / A156.25
  • UL / ULC Fire Rating 3 hours (when fitted with fire kit)

The CL5210 is a heavy duty electronic tubular mortise latch, available in Brushed Steel or Polished Brass PVD finishes.

  • External doors - low / medium / high traffic
  • Internal doors - low / medium / high traffic
  • Mortise Latch
  • Lever handle lock for doors hung on the left or right
  • Use in offices / schools / warehouses / hospitals / care homes / nurseries / hotels / leisure facilities / the home
  • Also available as Back to Back (CL5210BB) – Provides coded access in both directions

The outside lever turns freely without operating the latchbolt. When a valid code is entered and the blue LED lights, the lever will retract the latchbolt. When the door closes, the spring latch will automatically lock the door. The key will open the door for management functions. The key may be used to set the lock into Code Free mode so that anyone can open the door without using a code. Code Free Mode can also be programmed at the keypad using the Master Code.

The lock can store up to 80 different User Codes, four, five or six digits long. Programming is via the keypad, using the Master Code.

The lock has fitted as standard two alarm release terminals.

  • REM1 is used to open the lock from a reception desk button or answer phone.
  • REM2 can be linked to an alarm system which, when activated by a momentary contact, will release the door for 30 minutes. This allows emergency personnel to enter the room to rapidly check that no one has been overlooked.

The CL5000 Electronic Lock with Audit Trail Function, Model CL5000AT, has all the features of the standard CL5000 but with the added ability to easily control and monitor door access. Download and review the door activity data using a USB memory stick and analyze the data on your computer.

With Data Management software, it is possible to export and save audit data for Excel, change Master Code, Sub-Master Code and Lock Functions and add and manage User Codes.


KL1000 Cabinet Locks

KL1000 pushbutton cabinet locks are a quick retrofit for keyed cam locks supplied as standard on a wide range of lockers, cabinets and cupboards. It can just as easily be fitted to units which don’t have a locking device already fitted, giving the user immediate, simple, keypad access without the hassle of keys.

Features include:

  • 10-button keypad
  • 4-digit User Codes
  • 8-digit Master and Sub-Master Codes
  • Multiple User Code mode
  • One-Time User Code mode (locker mode)
  • 15,000 openings on 2 x AAA cells (supplied)
  • Battery failure override (touch a 9v battery across the LEDs (+/-) and enter the Master Code)
  • Easy to install, all parts / fixings / template included
  • Quick retrofit for cam locks
  • Fit to units that do not have an existing lock
  • Easy programming and code change
  • Available as vertical model (standard) / horizontal Right Hand (RH)/ horizontal Left Hand (LH)
  • IP54 rated when used with the door gasket – available as a separate part

The KL1000 is the new version of the Codelocks CL1000 cabinet lock.

The KitLock KL1000 locker lock is a quick retrofit for keyed cam locks supplied as standard on a wide range of lockers, cabinets and cupboards. It can just as easily be fitted to units which don’t have a locking device already fitted, giving the user immediate, simple, keypad access without the hassle of keys.

It is designed for cabinets, lockers, medical carts, gun boxes and safes, for use in offices, schools, warehouses, hospitals, care homes, nurseries, hotels and leisure facilities.

The locks are available in one finish: Silver Grey.

The KL1000 Cabinet Lock vertical model is standard. Horizontal Right Hand and Left Hand models (handed by looking at the keypad side of the door – right hand hinge / hung = KL1000 RH) are options. These two models were developed due to a lack of height, sometimes found when fitting the CL1000 in the vertical position, for example, internal post boxes.

The KL1000 has a simple 10-button keypad and a # button which is used when programming. When closed, the # button is covered by the lever.

The KL1000 has three program levels: Master, Sub-Master and User Code.

Functions include:

Repeated Use: This is the default function and is already pre-programmed in new locks. It is the most common functions and is used where the same code will be repeatedly used.

Single Use (Locker Mode): The user enters a single use code which will lock and then open the lock once only and be erased. This function is used for short term, multi occupancy applications. The lock will remain open until the next single use code is entered.

The KL1000 is IP54 rated when used with the rubber gasket, available as a separate part.

The KL1000 Cabinet Locks is supplied as standard with two cams, but will accept the majority of other cam variations that will fit onto the KL1000’s 8mm square spindle. The lock is supplied with all the necessary fixings, template and operating instructions to fit the lock to the cabinet, locker or cupboard.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or visit


Codelocks Q &A

We asked CodeLocks’ General Manager, for North America  Joey Dalessio to explain the company and the new products’ features. Following are the Ledger’s questions and Dalessio’s answers.


Can you tell us about Codelocks and its products?

Codelocks has been designing, manufacturing and selling the locks with a theme of control and convenience since 1990. Mechanical locks were the first products followed by electronic door and cam locks. Codelocks features an elegant style throughout the product line.  Innovation has been part of the success to, demonstrated in the quick-change feature of the CL600 Series, the entire line of electronic cabinet locks and the recent release of a simple to use audit process for our CL5000 Electronic Lockset and the remote programming of the KitLock NetCode series electronic cam lock series.


Please tell us about yourself and your background in security.

My career began as a locksmith in the family business in the Boston Area in the seventies learning all the operational and technical aspects of the business, then to a position as the National Sales Manager at Don-Jo Mfg. in the mid-eighties acquiring the sales and marketing skills and channel knowledge then to Vice President of Sales at Medeco Security Locks learning about manufacturing, worldwide distribution, managing a direct sales force and the fiduciary responsibility to bottom line profits throughout the nineties.  Since 2000 my choice has been to help businesses grow, often as an outsource Business Catalyst. My clients included manufacturers, distributors and dealers.  The exposure to the various participants in the channel has been a catalyst for my career. In 2013 Codelocks offered me an opportunity to lead the North American business as General Manager responsible for all aspects of the business.  It has been a very fast time period with more expertise learned working with an international company on-the-grow.


What models/versions does the CL5000 line include?

The CL5000 Series is an ANSI Grade 2 Lever Lock with a heavy duty Tubular Latch. It is also available with a full U.S.- tyle mortise lock and in a Panic Kit unit to retrofit popular footprint exit devices. Recently we’ve added the Audit Kit for the Lever Lock model.


In what markets is the #5210 finding the most acceptance?

Many CL5210 units are installed on commercial office space, hospitality meeting rooms, supply rooms of all types, nursing homes, retail storerooms and more.


Can the #5210 be powered from a power supply? 

No. Our 4AA batteries will get 200,000 cycles


What is process for deploying the #5210 with the audit option?

An existing CL5210 can be converted with an Audit Kit P5000AT.  The kit includes a new PC Board, cable, memory stick-loaded with the software, and bracket.  The retrofit is quick.  In addition, the lock may be purchased fully assembled as well CL5210AT (add finish).


What are the most popular applications for the KitLock?

KitLocks are found on recreation and storage lockers, medical carts, control panels, tool chests, personal safes, drop-boxes, portable firearms storage, and private intra-office mail boxes


What is the process for implementing the NetLock feature?

1. Go to, and create a new account with a valid e-mail address.

2. Register the lock or locks

a. Up to 9 locks at one address are registered FREE

b. 10+ locks pay a nominal annual fee (about $1.50 per lock) 

3. Create a NetCode

a. A select lock on list for example lock: Joey’s Locker

b. Select the start date and time

c. Select the end date and time

d. Create any note about the code for example, send code by e-mail only

e. Click “create” and the unique 12 Digit code will be generated 

i. When the 12 digit code is inserted the date and time parameters have been set.  If the user will be using the lock over a longer period of time, it is possible to enter a 4 digit personal code that will only work during the time and dates identified

4. NetCode processing is “in the cloud” you can work from your smart phone, tablet, pad or PC…Remote code generation and communication from anywhere.  The SMS communication feature if used (and sometimes where signals are difficult SMS is a great option) also carries a charge.  Bundles of SMS messages are purchased in advance, priced based on volume (about .25 cents each)