Ready To Roll: Locksmith Service Vehicles and Accessories

Driving a good-looking, well-equipped service vehicle will not only provide name recognition but also will make your work time much more productive and comfortable.

If the alternator does not output sufficient amperage for the devices operation, consider purchasing a higher output alternator. Using a second battery with a battery isolator improves the output of the inverter. Some vehicle manufacturers offer a factory standard isolator system for a secondary battery.

Remember no matter how sophisticated the inverter is, it cannot change the first law of thermodynamics. Paraphrased, the energy of an isolated system (vehicle’s alternator and battery) is constant. it cannot create more energy then it is designed to create.

For more detail on inverters, read our feature article beginning on page 26.



Knowing how to get to where you are going especially in areas that you are unfamiliar with makes a GPS unit a valuable addition to any service vehicle. Another advantage of a GPS unit is providing directions to a specific location from different starting points. Plus, many GPS units offer traffic information and alternative routes that may save time if you are caught in traffic.


Vehicle Wrapping

Over the last several years, the use of vehicle wrapping has become very popular. Instead of purchasing a magnetic sign or pay a sign painter or body shop to personalize your service vehicle, consider vehicle wrapping. There is significant evidence that vehicle wrapping is a very good way to increasing brand (company name) recognition.

Vehicle wrap advertising partially or completely covers a vehicle with an advertisement. For our purposes, the advertisement would be for the locksmith/security professional’s business. Wrap advertisement is similar to a gigantic vinyl decal. Note: Do not cover the windshield or necessary windows for driving.

Wrapping a vehicle makes it a mobile advertisement. The vehicle wrap when properly implemented captures the attention of drivers, passengers and pedestrians. These mobile billboards seem to be getting amazing recall rates, which result in significant sales increases.

Warning: Before wrapping your service vehicle, determine if your local government has introduced laws against mobile advertising. For example, New York City has outlawed motor vehicle wrap advertising; however, non-motorized mobile advertisements are legal.

To create a vehicle wrap, consider contacting a company that specializes in branding to create your company’s persona. Some companies only create the design other companies create the design, fabricate and install the wrap.

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