Standalone Biometric Access Control from Kaba ADS

Company debuts new name and new products

The Kaba Group adapted a new segment and management structure, effective July 1, 2012. Kaba’s corporate strategy is focused on improving operational performance, increasing efficiency, and profitable growth, with an emphasis on innovation leadership in the access control sector.

Kaba Access and Data Systems (ADS) Americas, as the new group is called, combines the sales, marketing, product management and support functions of Kaba Access Control, e-Data, Kaba Mas, and Kaba’s physical access systems under one sales and marketing unit.

Through this realignment, Kaba brands, Kaba®, LA GARD, Simplex®, E-Plex® and e-Data will be managed within the single brand strategy. The product brands comprise six product groups within the Access Control area — which offer a wide range of customer tailored security needs; cylinder and locks, access management systems, workforce management systems, physical access systems, multi-housing products, and safe and container locks.

The combination of the companies will further enhance customer-centric solutions, and provide an extensive portfolio of products and unmatched levels of service across many vertical markets, including retail, financial, healthcare, banking and government.


Standalone Biometrics

The Standalone Identity Access Management (I.AM) Kit features all the security benefits of biometric access control, only in a simple, non-networked module that supports up to two entry points via a single reader. The data management and enrollment are handled with ease right at the required fingerprint biometric reader, without any PC connection required.

Similar to Kaba’s AX.S Series of products, the access control application is embedded, eliminating the installation and maintenance of software or servers. In addition, the AD102 Kit is an independent, non-networked module so there is no need for a PC.

Users are enrolled and deleted directly at the Fingerprint Key, and visitors are granted access by entering a PIN code. Users gain authenticated access in less than one second by simply placing their finger at the Fingerprint Key. Plus, the Fingerprint Key is rated for indoor and outdoor use.

According to Logan Stewart, product manager Kaba ADS Americas, “The AD102 Kit is the perfect solution for residential or commercial applications, including doors, gates, garages, warehouses, gun safes, jewelry cabinets, data rooms, remote sites, and second properties. And, even though the system is designed to accommodate smaller scale usage, the AD102 Kit can migrate to work with an AM524 or AM300 Controller and its door unit, creating a full featured web-based system.”

Additional applications include schools, restaurants, banks, retail and healthcare facilities.

Just like Kaba’s online, networked systems, the applications are all embedded and require no software or servers. That makes installation easy with no certification necessary. Migration to Kaba’s full web-based solution is seamless.

And it’s not just for offices or homes but also schools, restaurants, banks, retail and healthcare facilities.

The Standalone I.AM Kit supports one required Fingerprint Key (Kaba I.AM) reader through RS485 communication.

Reader Specifications:

Credentials: Fingerprint biometric, PIN

Templates: 50-user storage capacity

Search Modes: 1-to-many identification

Fingerprint Sensor: Thin optical sensor, 500 dpi @ 8-bit per pixel, .55 x .87 in (14 x 22 mm) active area

Mechanical: IP65-listed, resin-sealed hard plastic enclosure, single-gang mount, metal mounting plate

Power input: 12 to 24 VDC (24 VDC recommended). Max.: 420 mA 12 VDC. Idle: 120 mA 12 VDC

Dimensions: 4.5 x 2.5 x 2 in (115 x 65 x 51 mm)

Operating Temperature: 14 to 122 °F (-10 to 50 °C); no direct sunlight

Controller Specifications:

Reader: Fingerprint Key (Kaba I.AM), 1 maximum

Access Points: Two (via 1 supported Fingerprint Key)

Events: None (non-networked/offline module with embedded access software)

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