The State of the Art in Security: Work in Progress

Access control work may involve adding new access control components to a previously non-electronic opening or providing retrofits to an existing technology which the client has outgrown. Today's customers may also be requesting wireless systems, video...

Available only from Von Duprin, a similar visual status indicator option for exit devices provides at-a-glance verification of the locked/unlocked status of the door. The indicators for the Von Duprin 98/99 Series Rim exit devices are similar to those offered on Schlage L-Series locks.

“In the event of an emergency, not only classrooms but large group and assembly areas such as gymnasiums, auditoriums, cafeterias and lecture halls also need to be immediately secured for the safety of all,” explains Joseph Vaida, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies portfolio marketing manager-mechanical. “Knowing if a door’s exit device is locked without opening the door is a critical security consideration. That’s why we now offer easy to read visual indicators on both our Von Duprin exit devices and our Schlage locks.”

The indicator is available in two options, either keyed inside or thumb-turned, to provide quick visual door security assessment. The thumb-turn option uses a 180-degree thumb-turn rotation which users find very intuitive. Retrofit kits are available to upgrade existing Von Duprin 98/99 exit devices.

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STEELCRAFT LS/FS Stainless Steel Doors & Frames

Stainless steel Steelcraft LS-Series doors and FS-Series frames offer effective performance even in notoriously harsh environments such as waste water treatment plants, food processing plants, bio laboratories and indoor aquatic environments.

Steelcraft’s new line of stainless steel doors and frames are available both in a standard offering and can be customized to fit the most demanding application performance or aesthetic design requirements.

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Schlage AD-Series Wireless System

The Schlage AD-Series Wireless System allows users to extend the reach of access control to areas where running wires is difficult, expensive or virtually impossible. Installations on interior doors, remote doors, historic buildings, 24/7 facilities, elevators and parking gates are now made possible by eliminating the need to run wires directly to the access point. Options are available to accommodate Wiegand, Clock & Data as well as RS-485 connections to the access control system.

The AD-Series Wireless System communicates via 900 MHz frequency to a Panel Interface Module (PIM) which is then hardwired back to the access control panel. Each PIM can support up to 16 wireless devices within a 200-foot range in most facilities and up to 1000 feet with clear line of site. And since 900 MHz operates on a different frequency versus WiFi, it won’t burden existing IT infrastructure.

Secure and reliable wireless communication (heartbeat) from the PIM to the Access Control System occurs on a periodic basis and is field configurable; the factory default is set at 10 minutes. The AD-Series Wireless System utilizes patent-pending Wake-Up On Radio™ technology to deliver real-time activation at a remote wireless lock while maintaining up to a 2 year battery life. This feature, which is configurable from 10 seconds to as fast as 1 second, enables centralized emergency lockdown and unlock commands in applications where both speed and battery life are critical.

A variety of wireless devices are available to extend the reach of access control to applications which may be difficult to wire. Wireless Devices include:

  • Wireless Portable Reader (WPR400)
  • Wireless Reader Interface (WRI400
  • Wireless Gate Kit (GCK400)
  • Wireless Elevator Control Kit (ECK400)

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