The State of the Art in Security: Work in Progress

Access control work may involve adding new access control components to a previously non-electronic opening or providing retrofits to an existing technology which the client has outgrown. Today's customers may also be requesting wireless systems, video...

Trim functions meet different entry and notification requirements. The following functions are the most popular. Other functions are available.

D11: Standard (Single Entry -ANSI F09) Key unlocks lever momentarily. Removing key relocks lever.

D13: Standard & Key Usage Switch Provides complete information for access control systems. A signal is sent when the key is used to enter: this signal balances the forced door alarm with information that the key was used (not a break-in or short in the system).

D31: Classroom Function (ANSI F08) Key unlocks lever for extended period, until key is used to re-lock lever. Lock functions in passage mode while exterior lever is in unlocked mode.

R11: Re-Entry (Fail-Safe) Lever is locked when power is applied. Loss of

power (or removal of power by Fire Alarm System) unlocks lever.

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Wireless Trilogy Networx® models can be un/locked campus-wide in under 10 seconds, from a keyfob, panic-button or the school server. Alarm Lock’s Trilogy Networx 6100 provides a wireless networked access lock solution with built-in HID Prox, global lock/unlock commands from the server or any lock in seconds. Features include:

  • Remote programming/audit queries/updates from the server
  • Extended battery life
  • Grade 1 durability.

Alarm Lock’s standalone Trilogy Locks provide safe, convenient keyfob-activated classroom lockdown, from safely inside, up to 100 feet away. A K-12/college-favorite for dependability and retrofit-ease, starting with cylindrical DL3200, Prox/PIN PDL3000 & Mortise P/DL3500 Series, each can support up to 50 tiny keyfobs, used with Trilogy Remote-Release Kit.

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BEA Infrared REX Sensor

BEA’s R2E is an easy-to-install request-to-exit motion sensor with a highly directional field settable pickup pattern and additional high security features. The R2E-100 is an active infrared request-to-exit sensor for interior applications. It is UL Listed as an access control device under UL Std. 294.

Features include:

  • Mounts on or above a door header with pattern placed in front of handle.
  • Rejects false detection for parallel traffic or objects slid under a door.
  • Multiple relocking modes for any timed / door position conditions.
  • Relay output consists of two Form “C” contacts for NO / NC wiring.
  • Optional alarm can be sounded when door is open or Maglock is activated.
  • 3 DRY auxiliary inputs: request to exit, request to enter, and a DPS.
  • Hold Time: 0.5 to 60 seconds
  • Detection Range: 20” to 48”.

The R2E-100 Re-Lock Mode can be selected to run in timer mode or door position mode. In timer mode, the relay hold-time will control when the security device is re-locked, and it is adjustable from 1/2 to 60 seconds. In addition, the timer mode features selectable sub-modes of operation, re-starting mode, where the relay hold time will not expire as long as the sensor is in detection or non-re-starting mode, where the relay will remain active for only the adjusted relay hold time.

In door position mode, a door position switch connected to the door position switch input on the R2E-100 will control when the door is re-locked. The door position mode also has an advanced re-locking feature that is selectable as 10 or 30 seconds, for the scenario that if the sensor has gone into detection but the door has not been opened, the R2E-100 will re-lock the door and become secure again.

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Schlage, Von Duprin Visible Status Indicators

Available only from Schlage, a new visual status indicator option for L-Series locks provides at-a-glance verification of the locked/unlocked status of door. As a result, teachers and others can easily identify if the door is locked and quickly secure the lock if it is unlocked. The new visual status indicator is available as an option for new construction as well as the aftermarket.

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