The State of the Art in Security: Work in Progress

Access control work may involve adding new access control components to a previously non-electronic opening or providing retrofits to an existing technology which the client has outgrown. Today's customers may also be requesting wireless systems, video...

In today’s world, the emphasis on better security has never been greater. Industry forecasts predict continued growth in video and access control, and see North America as a primary growth region.

Your access control work will involve adding new access control components to a previously non-electronic opening or providing retrofits to an existing technology which the client has outgrown. In other cases, code changes warrant an update, or a cost-effective solution is now available the makes the expense worthwhile to your customer.

Enhancements involve controllers, input devices, doors, and safety devices which will make life better and safer for our clients; and the challenges associated with developing the best solution, and the ever-growing roster of technologies definitely confirms that the state of the art in security is a work in progress. Here are some of the new products and technologies that today’s locksmiths are installing.


Dortronics WR5276

Dortronics Systems new WR5276 heavy duty pushbutton exterior grade switches are constructed of brushed stainless steel for use in even the most unforgiving environments and are rated to a sealing degree of IP65.

“The addition of the WR5276 Series is a natural extension of our pushbutton control solutions,” said Bryan Sanderford, national sales manager, Dortronics Systems. “The outdoor versions are industrial grade but we’ve designed them with an aesthetically pleasing look so they can be used in high visibility locations.”

The WR5276 Series is available in four configurations:

  • HD28 Alternate Action Form Z Non-Illuminated
  • HD28xL Alternate Action Form Z Illuminated LED Ring
  • HD29 Momentary Action Form Z Non-Illuminated
  • HD29xL Momentary Action Form Z Illuminated LED Ring.

The illuminated LED ring color is red or green and switch contacts are isolated normally open and normally closed. A neoprene gasket is included for mounting the switch plate. The IP 65 rating protects against water projected from a nozzle from any direction. Optional engraving is available.

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Securitech LEXI Control trim is an effective way of interfacing electric release with mechanical locking. It’s ideal to retrofit to existing doors.

Securitech recognizes that a facility may have exit devices from different manufacturers. LEXI allows one trim to be used throughout the facility. The mounting plates and operators change to match the exit device, but the basic electrified lever handle unit is the same. Each mounting plate and operator is created specifically for a certain exit device. The MP&O is mounted to the back of the LEXI Control Trim. This is bolted through the door to the exit device allowing the trim and device to work simultaneously.

By selecting the correct mounting plate and operator, LEXI may be used with exit devices produced by the following manufacturers: Adams-Rite, Arrow, Corbin, DCI, Detex, Dor-O-Matic, DORMA, First Choice, Jackson, Kawneer, Monarch, Precision, Russwin, S. Parker, Sargent, TACO, Von Duprin and Yale.

Control trim is key-activated and electrically-released lever handle trim which can be released by any access control system or remote release. Internal switches, activated by lever movement can send request-to-exit signals and release electromagnetic locks invisibly. The electric release solenoid has a low current draw allowing easy access control system integration without special power supplies.

Features include:

  • Easy Installation To Existing Doors
  • Does Not Require Cutting Into Frame For Electric Strike
  • Easy “No Special Knowledge” Operation
  • Unlock The Lever Momentarily By Key, Card Access, Keypad, Intercom, Pushbutton Or Other Release
  • Slip Cutch Lever Handle Option Stands Up To Abuse; Will Break-away When Forced; Easily Reset By Just Lifting Up.
  • Stainless Steel Lever Durable, Rugged One-piece Construction meets ADA Code
  • Fail-secure & Fail-safe Models Standard Trims Are Fail-secure (Remains Locked In The Event Of Power Failure).
  • Re-Entry Models Will Become Fail-safe (Lever Allows Free Entry) In The Event Of Power Failure Or Signal From Fire Alarm System.
  • Dual Point Cylinder Holder The Cylinder Is Fastened To The Trim With Locking Arms Extending Into Each Groove Of The Cylinder
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