Adding Door Protection

Door reinforcements can serve two purposes: resisting forced entry and protecting components from damage from accidental abuse and heavy usage.

Don-Jo Mfg., Inc., sells stainless steel vertical rod and latch protectors, including rod covers and left or right hand reverse door latch protectors. They are installed over the bottom rod and latch of a surface-mounted vertical rod exit device at the base of the door to deflect traffic. The rod cover is 24” tall and the latch bolt covers are 10” tall, sufficient to cover the latch bolt and the lower portion of the vertical rod assembly. The handed latch guard protectors are constructed of .062” stainless steel and have a 45-degree angled vertical ramp along the swing side of the door.

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) requires 32” minimum clear space, measured from the open door to the opposite frame. The vertical rod latch bolt cover has a 2-1/8” projection. This measurement must be taken into consideration to maintain the 32” minimum clear space.

Reminder: Before installing door hardware onto a fire rated opening, when in doubt, contact your local Local Authority Having Jurisdiction.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor. The following list is a sampling of the manufacturers whose companies provide different forms of door protection.


Hager Co.:

Major Mfg:



Rockwood Manufacturing Company:



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