Electrifying Door-Mounted Locks, Contacts and Switches With Power Transfer Devices

Choices include electric butt hinges, electric continuous hinges, electric pivots, door loops, armored door cords and Inductive Coupling Power Transfer devices.

Most Electric Power Transfers have a larger diameter conduit, which can accommodate varying sizes and numbers of wires. Unlike most electric butt hinges, Electric Power Transfers can be rewired or come without wire. The larger inner diameter and the ability to upgrade the wiring for different applications including communications cabling (i.e. CAT5) make the EPT a more flexible product.

When installing an EPT, consider the size of the butt hinges, which determines the swing of the door. As the hinge size increases, the swing of the door decreases. Butt hinges up to five inches have up to 180-degree swing, 5-1/2” butt hinges have up to 130-degree swing and 6” butt hinges have up to 110-degree swing. Most Electrical Power Transfers are not for use with balanced doors or center hung pivots. Some power transfer devices will operate with no greater offset than ¾” offset pivots and some swing clear hinges. Note: Functionality and door swing may vary by EPT manufacturer and models.

Important: Electrical power transfers cannot be retrofit into fire rated openings.


Inductive Coupling Power Transfer

The newest power transfer device is the Securitron PowerJump. The Inductive Coupling Power Transfer (ICPT) provides low voltage power across the gap between the jamb and the door edge, wirelessly and contact free. Range is approximately 3/16” between the frame side unit face and the door edge unit face.

The PowerJump ICPT mechanism provides up to 500mA@12VDC or 250mA @24VDC at the door. It can support up to a 500 millisecond inrush of up to 1.5 Amps. The voltage output is field-selectable and set at the door unit.

The PowerJump receiver can be mounted into the top, bottom or sides of a door with the transmitter installed the jamb, header or floor within 3/16”. The PowerJump was designed for Fail Secure devices.

For More Information

The following is a partial list of power transfer device manufacturers and their web sites. For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or:

ABH: www.abhmfg.com

ACSI: www.acsi-inc.com

Command Access: www.commandaccess.com

Hager: www.hagerco.com

Ives: www.ives.ingersollrand.com

Markar: www.markar.com

Marray: www.marray.com

McKinney: www.mckinneyhinge.com

Pemko: www.pemko.com

Rixson: www.rixson.com

SDC: www.sdcsecurity.com

Securitron: www.securitron.com

Select Hinges: select-hinges.com

Von Duprin: www.vonduprin.com

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