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A broad range of solutions that can be utilized within a lockdown scenario. Rather than looking for a single product to provide a lockdown solution, it’s essential to look at the entire facility and consider the needs of each opening.

In recent times, school fire drills have been joined by a new practice, the lockdown drill. During a lockdown, teachers are alerted of a possible danger— an armed student or intruder — and are instructed to secure the classroom doors from threats that may loom in the school hallway. Basically, the students are “locked” in the classroom for their own protection.

New security innovations from companies like ASSA ABLOY help accommodate lockdowns and keep students safe inside the classroom. Locks allow teachers to secure the door from inside the classroom, thus avoiding the need to insert a key in the outside cylinder and expose themselves and their students to danger. Networked electromechanical locks can be secured instantly from a central location.


Q&A: ASSA ABLOY DSS’s Doug Titus

Locksmith Ledger interviewed Doug Titus, business development manager, education, ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions to get a better idea about what ASSA ABLOY has to offer for school security/lockdown applications.

Which markets do you consider are candidates for lockdown systems?

Lockdown could be a policy implemented in numerous markets but the definition can vary. Military bases and courtrooms almost always have lockdown procedures while hospitals have lockdown in the labor and delivery areas.

Recently, the most common market the security industry thinks about when referring to lockdown procedures are educational institutions. Both K-12 schools and colleges and universities have had to re-evaluate their existing policies and in many cases revise them to adopt a higher level of security. Even within the education market, there are a wide range of challenges for elementary, middle and high schools. Even community colleges present different needs than major university environments.

What products does ASSA ABLOY offer as a lockdown solution?

ASSA ABLOY offers a broad range of solutions that can be utilized within a lockdown scenario. Rather than looking at a product to provide a lockdown solution, it’s essential to look at the entire opening and each opening should be considered a system.

What features do your products provide?

  • Bullet/Ballistic Rated Doors/Frames
  • Electronic Lockdown Capability
  • Classroom intruder function locks (mechanically lockdown a classroom without having to open a door)
  • Visual mechanical indicators (provide visual cue to validate if outside handle is locked or unlocked)
  • Patented Key Systems (minimizing risk of authorized key duplication)
  • Local audible alarms (hear alarm if door propped open)
  • Shim Kits (Minimize risk of door being tied or chained by eliminating gap between exit device rail and window behind it)

How can you assist the end-user or locksmith begin the process of assessing their needs and implement a security management plan with lockdown as an element of the solution?

ASSA ABLOY’s K-12 School Safety and Security program offers a complimentary assessment of a school facility. One of our school security specialists will inspect all openings to ensure proper operation and provide a complete consultation on methods to improve security plans. If you are looking for immediate feedback, ASSA ABLOY offers a free School Security Solutions iPad App which allows a facility manager to perform a self-assessment of a school’s openings and review available products that could aid in increasing security.

Open to all security managers is the ASSA ABLOY Try-Me Program in which ASSA ABLOY offers a product for a facility to test in their own environment before making a purchase. ASSA ABLOY Americas University also provides the ability for security managers to receive local and online training for a wide range of courses and issues.

Below is information on ASSA ABLOY’s newest lockdown products.


Corbin Russwin Access 3™ Key Systems

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