SECUSYSUSA: Scalable Access Control

SECUSYSUSA had a booth at this year’s ALOA Show in Baltimore. Company officials say their goal is “to bring world-class integrated technologies directly to the dealer, and provide training, support and competitive warranties and pricing.”

The SECUSYSUSA product line is scalable and integrates with multiple functionalities including video and time and attendance. However, the basic unit can be deployed with or without a computer, which may appeal to individuals new to access control or not comfortable with networks. If the client decides to upgrade to additional doors or network-based electronic access control, they can leverage their equity in their first door controller.

Multiple tiers of SECUSYSUSA certification and training are available and this company welcomes locksmiths new to card access to learn and earn with SECUSYSUSA.

Dealers desiring SECUSYSUSA certification and ID must undergo a background check. As many Locksmith Ledger readers are already aware, many states require locksmiths to submit to a background check, so this policy is consistent with consumer protection policies which many locksmiths already support.

Locksmith Ledger interviewed SECUSYS USA’s Avigdor Dagan to learn more. Following are the Ledger’s questions and Dagan’s answers.

What is your background in locksmithing/security?

I’ve been in security since 1981, serving in various capacities in the Israeli Defense Force, Israeli Police and civilian security as consultant and VP for an access control manufacturer. I was involved in training, assisting and developing security strategies, models and infrastructure. Locksmithing is a “new” field for me, since my specialty is in the electronic security. I am surprised how much technology is involved in locksmithing

How and to whom do you market your products?

We work with installers and small distribution. We are not built to work with end users and we rely on the professionalism of our installers. We do provide extensive training and even offer courses at locksmith events. We are willing to come and train people in their own location.

Where are your products currently deployed?

All over the world in more than 56 countries, in facilities ranging from bars and small offices to schools and government installations.

In the USA, installations include:

  • Schools: One in NY with multiple buildings and more than 50 doors
  • Embassies in NY and Washington
  • Healthcare facilities and retirement homes in Florida
  • Vehicle gate and pedestrian gates in truck parking and landscaping companies
  • Small offices, manufacturing facilities and logistics centers

Some applications combine access control with CCTV. Many use the card printer integration.

Some installations are retrofits where the installer used the existing infrastructure (readers, locks, wiring) and replace the controllers only, completing in a fraction of the time and less than a third of the cost.

What differentiates your company and your products from those already available?

First and foremost, we treat the “little guy” like a big guy. Many existing access control companies are giving very little support to small dealers and targeting the large projects. Since our system is the same for any size project, we believe that the “little guy” who buys small systems will gain confidence and will become a “big guy.”

In terms of our product, we use simple logic and simplicity. For example, most of access control systems work by focusing on the “card.” We focus on the “person” when registering. Most companies have small, medium and large segments where the hardware and software are different. If your customer bought a four-door system and now he needs 16 doors, in many cases you will need to replace the old one with a new medium-sized version. And when a customer goes from 30 doors to 33 doors, it forces you again to replace the system with enterprise level. We start with Enterprise on the first door, so you do not need to change, just add.

Our basic system comes full featured with everything you’ll need: from E-Mail Alerts, Graphic Interface, Remote Access, Time & Attendance, Advanced Access Features, SQL support and more. The only time the dealer will need to pay more is when there is additional equipment to be added or very significant feature like Parking Management or Smart Wallet POS.

For which applications are your products best suited?

Anything. We have systems in bars with one or two doors, in manufacturing facilities combined with CCTV and in schools One of the largest banks in the world is using our systems in its branches and headquarters. Other installations are at research facilities, universities, embassies and even in private residences. Our ability to adapt to any requirement with the same equipment, and at the same time to work with third party existing equipment, allows us to do everything anywhere and everywhere with security in mind.

Where can our readers purchase your products?

Currently direct from us. As we expand the distribution network, we will publish that information.

Do you have a price list?

Yes, it is given to registered dealers. Dealers with certification get 5 percent additional discount. We do not publish MSRP since we do not sell to end users.

As an example, the standalone unit the pricing is simple: $325 List for standard unit (additional for HID Prox compatibility). We also offer 10 percent additional discount off net on orders of 10 units or more.

Prices vary by size of installation. The bigger the installation, the lower the cost per door.

Of course, how the system is configured will affect the price of equipment and cost of installation (wiring). We review the project with the dealer to help them get the best solution.

What about training and certification?

We offer the following three levels of training:

  • Introductory - no certification. Four hours spent going over the system at access control level. This enables the dealer to install standard installations of standalone and small projects
  • Access Certificate - This is a full day of training that can be extended if needed to two days. This training covers all access control aspects of the system including scenario configuration and biometrics. This certification costs $1250 for the first trainee and $950 for each additional from the same company. Each trainee gets a Demo / Practice suitcase with 4-door system. In addition, the company gets an additional discount on top of any pricelist.
  • Integration Certification - This two to three-days training session covers all aspects of the system including access control, CCTV, Payment system, remote access and more. The cost of this training is $2250 for the first trainee and $1950 for every additional trainee from the same company. Trainees receive large Demo / Practice suitcase with four-door and four-camera system including two built-in cameras and a biometric reader. In addition, the company gets an additional discount on top of any pricelist.

We can offer 10 percent discount on training of two persons and more on all programs or a free hotel stay during training if they prefer to come to Charlotte, NC.

Certified dealers will be also listed in and will be provided with a special ID (will be required to pass background check for criminal and security records).

What is the warranty on your products?

Standard is one year. When installed by certified dealer, it is 18 months, An extended warranty is available for an annual fee with no time limit. If an extended warranty is purchased, 30 percent goes to the dealer who services the end user.

What products are you currently shipping?

We provide a full array of access control systems from the simple model 419 Standalone to the distributed system allowing the use of the same equipment and software at any size of installation. We also provide our full out of the box integrated system that allow usage of biometric technology (fingerprint, face recognition etc.) with CCTV and Alarm, all running in the same software ready to use without complicated codes and scripts.

What future products are you planning?

We are moving forward constantly. New features are added to our system every month and they are available to all our dealers at no charge. We recently added a line of hotel locks that use non-contact encrypted cards (unlike the traditional magnetic cards who are easy to hack and unreliable) combined with high-quality construction (stainless steel). At the ALOA Convention, we launched a new line of fingerprint readers and a face recognition unit on the cutting edge of technology and very simple to configure. Many of the locksmiths who visited our booth could configure a device after one demonstration.

All our products are measured against three parameters:

  • Reliability, meaning low rate of failure. We have systems with 10-year-old controllers that are still working. In five years, we’ve had to repair only six controllers. Three were damaged by direct hits of lightning to the network cable and three were hit by 120Vac (instead of 12Vdc).
  • Simplicity. Most of our dealers have never read the manual. Everything is in clear English (there are 14 languages) and simple to understand. The standalone devices are very intuitive and easy to operate.
  • Flexibility. We have the ability to accommodate the customers’ most “crazy” requirements without making it too difficult (see rule 2)

Where do you see the access control market going?

The traditional locksmith, who replaces or rekeys a lock, is disappearing fast. Electronic security has become more and more simple, and for locksmiths, it is a survival task to get involved. Access control is replacing the traditional locks. A traditional locksmith who will not upgrade to access Control might find himself out of work in few years.

Access Control is being offered by IT people, CCTV people, alarm companies, audio-visual installers and others. In my opinion, locksmiths have more SECURITY awareness than anyone else.

Where should the dealer direct his efforts?

Locksmiths are relying on existing customers and waiting for new customers to call them or come to their store. In the new world, they need to become proactive and promote themselves. When I ask locksmiths why they are not in access control, they say: “no one asked for it.” Do not wait, offer it! Submit bids for access control and even full security projects. In some cases, a locksmith can join forces with electricians and others.

What type of support do you have for a dealer just getting into access control?

Training is the most important part. Well-trained dealer will be able to offer more to their customers and be more confident in installing the equipment. In addition we provide assistance in design and configuration. We will come to help the dealer, if he asks for it, to “close the deal” or even for site visit and configuration assistance. We believe in face-to-face and will come if needed.

How does a dealer get technical support for your products?

Our training program is very extensive. We actually try to train the dealer at the same level as Company Technicians. We do provide phone support at 704-909-0922 and e-mail support via We will soon have the ability to open “support tickets” on our web site,

How does an end-user get technical support for your products?

We protect the interest of the dealer. We will not provide support to end users, unless specifically requested by the dealer. Access Control has many RMR opportunities and return-purchase characteristics. By protecting the dealer, we are enabling him to capitalize on “annual contracts” and return business without forcing anyone to any model. Some companies are forcing their customers to pay annual licensing or support fees that create antagonism by the customer. The dealer knows his customer and can create his favorite model.

For more information, contact SECUSYS USA, P.O. Box 200, Huntersville, NC 28070. Web Site: www.SECUSYSUSA.COM.