News Briefs, Sept. 2013

Home Automation Reaching New Heights

Shout it from the mountain top: home automation is reaching new heights -- 26,906 feet, to be exact. That's the height of Cho Oyu, the sixth-highest mountain in the world. And that's where an amateur mountain climber will demonstrate the home automation capabilities of Z-Wave using a variety of devices powered by Z-Wave technology. By virtue of the remote location, rugged environmental condition, and lack of technical support capabilities, it is being dubbed the "most remote home automation demonstration ever recorded."

The climb Cho Oyu and the subsequent demonstration -- officially titled the "Z-Wave Himalayan Expedition by Kwikset®" -- will be performed by Mariusz Malkowski, a 40-year-old technical services manager at Sigma Designs, a member of the 200-member Z-Wave Alliance. Malkowski has climbed world-class mountains on four continents, many of them by himself. Using no supplemental oxygen, Malkowski is scheduled to begin his ascent on Sept. 10 and will conclude his descent on or around Oct. 6.

Using only his smartphone, Malkowski will control various home automation scenes set up in the Z-Wave booth at the CEDIA Expo in Denver (CEDIA is the leading tradeshow in the residential electronic systems industry). Scenes will include locking and unlocking a Kwikset SmartCode™ Deadbolt Lock with Home Connect™ Technology and adjusting temperature on his Remotec Thermostat, as well as controlling other Z-Wave Devices. The purpose is to show end-users the dependability of Z-Wave technology, as well as highlighting the overall benefits of home automation.

The CEDIA Expo is being held in Denver, CO from Sept. 28-30, 2013. The exact date and time of the demonstration are to be determined, depending on the pace of Malkowski's ascent. Weather permitting, Malkowski plans to broadcast a live video remote from the mountain summit to the show location so that Expo attendees can watch the demonstration.

According to Keith Brandon, Kwikset's Director of Residential Access Solutions, the expedition helps spread the message and benefits of home automation in a visually captivating way that is difficult to duplicate. "It's one thing to tell homeowners about home automation and its capabilities; it's quite another to demonstrate those capabilities in such a dramatic setting," said Brandon. "With our SmartCode locks with Home Connect people may know that they can be locked and unlocked remotely via their smartphones or other web-enabled device. But actually watching them being operated from the sixth highest mountain in the world really drives the point home."

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Four New Displays From Lucky Line

Lucky Line Products is offering four new counter and wall displays for lockshops selling Lucky Line wrist coils, brass and aluminum tags, Key Shapes™ shaped house keys and other Lucky Line products. These include:
Wrist Coil Display: Top-selling Wrist Coils will sell at an even faster pace when customers see them grouped in a rainbow of colors. Displays are supplied with four each of seven great colors. Only 12” tall and 5” in diameter at base, this little counter display will brighten up any sales counter! Item number is 41000.
Metal Tags Display: Lucky Line's display packs a lot of tags in a little space. It takes up only 6" x 3-1/2"of valuable counter space and contains 200 brass and aluminum tags in the most popular sizes. Space is provided for pricing and a UPC sticker is also supplied for back of header to assist at checkout. Item number is 26500.
2-Panel Revolving Counter Display: This starter unit comes loaded with top selling items, ideal for stores with limited wall space. It revolves 360 degrees and removable panels allow for wall display. The display measures 30” high by 9” deep. Refills are available in multiples of five or less to make restocking simple and cost-effective. All items are individually UPC coded for accurate sales and inventory tracking. Item number is 34024.
Starter Wall Display: This starter unit comes with 12 top-selling products and reorder cards. It can be used on pegboard or slat wall. The display measures 18” high by 14” wide by 5”deep. Suggested retails included and all items are individually UPC coded for accurate sales and inventory tracking. Item number is 34012.
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Water Dept. Relies on CyberLock

The CyberLock family of access control products allows users to track and control access throughout a facility. The audit trail provided by the lock and key helps water utilities meet Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) security guidelines aimed at protecting watersheds and sources of drinking water.

The CyberLock system includes electronic locks and programmable keys that enable water utilities to control and monitor access to entry gates, chemical feed areas, watersheds, water wells, and other water sources. The electronic locks and keys record openings and unauthorized attempts to gain entry. The detailed audit reports of lock and key activity demonstrate a water utility's due diligence in securing their physical assets. The system’s email alerts keep management updated so informed decisions can be made when security issues arise.

James Price, Technical Support Professional for the Collier County Water Department, oversees security processes and special projects, implemented CyberLock in order to meet EPA regulations. “With CyberLock, we can provide substantial proof to the Health Department and EPA that we are diligent in our efforts to secure our facilities and keep the public water supply safe,” Price says.
CyberLock, Inc. is a high technology supplier of CyberLock access control products that are made in the U.S.A. and shipped worldwide directly from their headquarters in Corvallis, Ore. More Info: