What's New In Commercial Security?

Products like the Adams Rite 2190 interconnected deadbolt/deadlatch, the Securitron PowerJump ICPT and the Trine 4100 Series versatile electric strikes provide easy solutions to your commercial customers' common problems.

Every year, the editors of Locksmith Ledger scope out industry trade shows to discover the latest new products and share them with our readers. In this article, we highlight some of the new products on the commercial security side. (See Editor-In-Chief Gale Johnson’s report on pages 50-52 to read about interesting new mechanical products.)

In-service training is an important element of being a security professional. Why is this so? In our industry, it is imperative that we stay up to date with the building and life safety codes, new advances in technology, and best current practices used by others in our trade. You can’t keep reading the same newspaper over and over again, or watch re-runs of a newscast from a few years ago. Security technology is as dynamic as the weather, and being in the know will prepare you to better serve your customers and your employer. It is not up to someone else; it is each of our personal responsibilities to do it right.

In-service training can be achieved a number of different ways. One way is to attend trade shows and attend seminars. Many manufacturers and distributors have extensive on-line learning resources. Check our comprehensive listings of upcoming security events at www.locksmithledger.com/calendar to see what is scheduled in your area.

The following is Locksmith Ledger’s review of key new products in the commercial security sector.

Adams Rite 2190

Adams Rite’s 2190 Dual Force Interconnected deadbolt and deadlatch is designed for aluminum stile doors. It combines the access control capabilities of a latch with the security of a deadbolt. The key retracts and extends the deadbolt (and deadlatch) from either side. The exterior lever retracts the latch only while the inside lever retracts the deadbolt and latch simultaneously for fast, easy, panic-proof exiting.

This lock enables the use of a deadbolt on a door which is part of a means of egress, and also offers an ADA-compliant locking solution as it uses a lever and requires no special knowledge to operate. An electrification option enables this lock to also be used for access control.

The field-selectable interconnection feature allows interior trim to retract deadbolt and deadlatch. The 2190 Retrofits to existing MS1850S Deadbolt or 4500/ 4900 Deadlatch of the same backset. Minimum door thickness of 1-3/4” is required.

Dual Force® 2190 is ANSI/BHMA Type E82101 (Grade 1). Consult the local building official for guidance in code compliance.

Faceplates: 1” X 6-7/8” Includes FaceStyle faceplate system that adapts to flat, radius, or beveled door edge. Radius with weatherseal faceplate available separately.

Strikes: Standard strike furnished is the 2101-01 for flat jamb where door closes flush or nearly flush. The 2101 covers MS® Deadbolt strike preparation with modification, and the 4901 Deadlatch strike directly. Also available in radius version for opposite stile pairs of doors and with extended lip strikes for special jamb conditions.

Latchbolt/Deadbolt: Latchbolt: 5/8” throw, solid brass. Easily reversible using only a screwdriver. Deadbolt: 1” throw, stainless steel.

Cylinder Backset: 1-1/8” or 1-1/2” only.

Auxiliary Deadlatch Pin: Stainless steel. Deadlocks latch bolt to prevent “loiding” or case-knife entry.

Operation: Key or thumbturn retracts or extends deadbolt or deadlatch. Inside lever retracts both when configured with interconnect feature. Outside lever retracts latch only. Latch holdback feature activated or deactivated by turning key to retract latch and sliding holdback button on faceplate down to hold and up to release

Specify exterior entry or interior passage-set lever option, lever style, finish and strike. Also adapts to paddle operator 4591. *See 2290 for wood or steel door version for stile and rail type door construction.)

Order electrification kit (EK-2190) for adding to the clutched exterior lever. It is dual voltage 12/24 VDC rated for continuous duty operation. Energizing the lever allows exterior lever to be turned to retract latch only.)

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