What's New In Commercial Security?

Products like the Adams Rite 2190 interconnected deadbolt/deadlatch, the Securitron PowerJump ICPT and the Trine 4100 Series versatile electric strikes provide easy solutions to your commercial customers' common problems.

  • Steady, low-noise power output for protection of sensitive devices
  • Ideal for use with access control products and DC video surveillance cameras in single and multi-door deployments
  • Smaller board footprint provides ease of integration with controllers in existing enclosures
  • UL Recognized Components
  • Dedicated battery charging current for faster recharge
  • Onboard or remote LED AC power status indicator
  • Onboard LED DC output power status indicator
  • Automatic low battery disconnect to prevent deep discharge, preserves battery life
  • Form C relays for monitoring and reporting power and battery status
  • Current Overload, Short Circuit and Thermal Runaway protection
  • MagnaCare Lifetime Replacement No Fault Warranty

For more information on Securitron products, visit www.securitron.com.

Quick Connect Option

Available on a variety of STANLEY Security electromechanical products, the new Quick Connect option is a system of preconfigured termination points, providing a comprehensive, secure connection throughout the wire run. The Quick Connect system’s preconfigured termination points eliminate confusion during installation and secure termination provides maximum connectivity and performance. The system offers a quick, plug-in type connection, avoiding slow and cumbersome soldering, crimping or wire-nut terminations.

“The STANLEY Quick Connect plug-in is easy-to-use and allows for efficient installation to the respective electrical options ordered,” said Mike McCoy, product manager of STANLEY Security. “This system maximizes hardware performance in a cohesive, easily installed integrated solution.” Currently, the following STANLEY electromechanical products offer the Quick Connect option:

  • BEST – 40HW, 8KW & 9KW Series
  • New PRECISION – EPT-12C Electronic Power Transfer
  • STANLEY Commercial Hardware – CECB179C Electric Hinge

More Info: www.stanleysecurity.com.

Trine 4100 Electric Strikes

The Trine 4100 Electric Strike: The One Box Solution for cylindrical and mortise locks. The four most popular faceplace configurations cover 90 percent of installations.

For a detailed look at the Trine 4100 Series, read Jerry Levine’s article which begins on page 18.

Features include:

  • Multiple voltages 12/24DC-12/24AC
  • Low current draw: .240 Amps at 12DC (perfect for PoE installations); .114 Amps at 24DC
  • Low profile 1-3/8” backset
  • Stainless Steel trim skirt
  • Grade 1; 3,2509 lbs holding
  • 1,000,000+ operation life cycle
  • Maximum flexibility.
  • 3 hour WH fire rated
  • Pending ETL Burglary Rating

For additional information, visit www.trineonline.com.

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