What's New In Commercial Security?

Products like the Adams Rite 2190 interconnected deadbolt/deadlatch, the Securitron PowerJump ICPT and the Trine 4100 Series versatile electric strikes provide easy solutions to your commercial customers' common problems.

There are no moving parts, no more broken wires and no need to core drill the door. The Securitron PowerJump ICPT ports power contactlessly and invisibly across the door gap to run electrified hardware on the door. With flexible installation placement on the latch side, hinge side or top of the door, it transfers power without pins or wires, eliminating points of vulnerability and wear... and no need to core drill the door.

Product Features

  • Transfers power wirelessly across door gaps of up to 3/16”
  • Flexible mounting: can be installed on hinge side, latch side or top of frame
  • Dual Voltage output 12VDC or 24VDC field selectable
  • Continuous or intermittent duty
  • For fail secure devices
  • Use with electrified locks, latches or other door hardware requiring up to 6 watts (0.5A@12VDC) of power
  • Adhesive backed templates for accurate installation
  • MagnaCare Lifetime Replacement No Fault Warranty
  • Specifications
  • UL10C Listed
  • ANSI/SDI-BHMA A250.13 Windstorm Listed
  • Patents: #8,294,302
  • Patents Pending
  • Endurance: 2,000,000 cycles
  • Operating Temperature: +32 to +120F [0 to +49C]
  • Electrical: Input: 24VDC only 500mA max, Output: 500mA @ 12VDC / 250mA @ 24VDC
  • Dimensions: Send Unit (Frame Side): 2-3/4”H x 1-1/4”W x 1-3/8”D. Receive Unit (Door Side): 2-3/4”H x 1-1/4”W x 1-5/8”D.

DKC Two-Door Controller

Securitron’s Digital Keypad Controller provides standalone control of up to two electrically locked doors. The DKC is simple to program and ideal for small businesses and other applications where a cost-effective, easy to install two-door solution is required.

The Securitron DKC is compatible with Wiegand and ASSA ABLOY Aperio® technologies, enabling it to be used with any Wiegand output reader, keypad or the Aperio series of wireless locking products. It can independently control one or two doors and up to 250 users per door.

The DKC offers total ease of programming – just load the included Programming Tool onto a laptop, program the DKC at your desk, then export to the DKC using a USB cable. The DKC can also be programmed directly on the CPU board from an installed system keypad.

The DKC Programming Tool enables each door to be set up for credential input type and door control options, and can create a unique user list for each door if desired. The Programming Tool can also configure programmable relays for camera call up, remote REX activation and doorbell activation, customize keypad behavior, set relay timing and configure other functions.

The DKC provides a downloadable audit trail for time/date-stamped user access and stores up to 2,000 user events. It incorporates a non-volatile memory for fast recovery in the event of a power outage, with no loss of data.

The DKC controller dimensions are just 6 by 8 by 3 inches. Additional functions including a user code and/or hard code disable feature, 5 amp relay output for lock control and alarm shunt, camera call-up or other device interface, a REX input and other features.

The ASSA ABLOY Securitron DKC Digital Keypad Controller carries Securitron’s MagnaCare Lifetime Replacement No Fault Warranty

AQ Series Power Boards

AQ Series power supplies use switched mode technology rather than the linear design we all have used for decades.

A switched-mode power supply (SMPS) incorporates a switching regulator to convert electrical power efficiently. Switched-mode power supplies are smaller and lighter than a linear supply due to the smaller transformer size and weight.

Securitron AccuPower® Power Boards are power supply/battery charger modules than can be field integrated with access control management components enclosures to provide customized power solutions. These UL recognized components offer flexibility when used in mix-and -match configurations with each other and with the Securitron AccuPower Power Distribution and accessory boards.

Note: UL Recognized Components have been evaluated by UL for factory installation within equipment where the component’s limitations of use are known and investigated by UL. UL Recognized Components have conditions of acceptability that describe how components can be used within end products.

Product features include:

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