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Consider Blue Dog as a secondary source to your regular local locksmith distributor for key blanks. Their target market is the professional locksmith who needs access to odd key blanks or research, which may not be available from your regular wholesaler. If your code software sends you scurrying for an odd key blank and your regular wholesaler does not stock it; consider Blue Dog.

If you have a problem finding an odd key blank, chances are that Blue Dog will have it. Blue Dog stocks every bit and barrel blank in the Ilco catalog - every flat steel, every safe deposit, every section blank.

Blue Dog is multi-lingual. They speak Borkey, Dominion, Errebi, Ilco, Keil, Keyline,  Silca, Taylor and more.

For more information, contact Blue Dog. Web Site: www.bluedogkeys.com.

E-mail: sales@bluedogkeys.com.


Freightliner Cascadia

Freightliner Cascadia trucks use the "FT" code series. This code series has been in use since 2003. There are seven cuts and five depths, using the Chrysler "L" code series spaces and depths (plus the number five depth). The lock has seven tumblers and the tumblers are marked with the depths.

The key blank designed for Freightliner is the STRATTEC 597893; a metal head is the Ilco 1588. Aftermarket key blank manufacturers’ versions of the Y157 key blank can be substituted.

The 1200CM card for the "L" series is CX60. Pencil in an equally spaced over fifth depth (0.239").


Lost Gumball Key

The Ford Gumball Machine uses a wedge-shaped key that is cut using a sidewinder key machine. The key can be filed, using an Abloy key blank, which is a slow process, even with knowing the spaces and depths.

As an alternative, a cut key can be purchased from A1 Gumballs. There are 3 different keys, F50, F50C and F50E, but most locks are set to F50.

For more information, contact A1 Gumballs. Telephone: 919-494-1322


Removing Ignition: Saturn Ion

The 2003-07 Saturn Ion is equipped with a steering column-mounted ignition lock. The vehicle's locks use the "Z" keyway G0001-G3631 code series. The Ion is equipped with the General Motors PassLock security system. The STRATTEC ignition lock service package part number is 7006014.

The key blank part numbers are:

  • Barnes B106
  • Ilco P1115         
  • Ilco EZ B106-P
  • Jet B106-NP
  • JMA USA GM-37
  • STRATTEC 599487

To remove the ignition lock, the cylinder must be turned to the RUN position.

There are two poke holes along the upper portion of the ignition switch body where the ignition lock is located. The ignition lock has two spring loaded retainers that must be pressed in the correct order to remove. Use an awl, a small hex wrench or punch.

The first retainer to depress is through the poke hole closest to the ignition key. While depressed, the ignition lock can be slid out a little. This positions the second retainer within the second poke hole.

Depress the second retainer through the poke hole closest to the steering column. While depressed, the ignition lock can be slid out a little.

To remove the ignition lock, depress the retainer in the poke hole closest to the ignition key. Note: Sometimes this retainer is difficult to depress, Try moving the lock ever so slightly or rotate the key to be certain the cylinder is in the RUN position.


Car-Opening Techniques: Chrysler Sebring & Dodge Avenger

 This month we will offer car-opening tool manufacturer's recommended techniques for opening the 2007-10 Chrysler Sebring Sedan and 2008-2013 Dodge Avenger. These four-door sedans are equipped with vertical linkage rods on the front doors. The linkage rod is not protected along the lower portion. The rear doors are equipped with horizontal linkage rods.

The following opening methods can be used to unlock the 2007-10 Chrysler Sebring Sedan and 2008-2013 Dodge Avenger:


Use the High Tech Tools 66 CheckmarkTool to unlock the front passenger door locking mechanism. Insert a strip saver and wedge into the rear passenger door cavity just forward of the rear door outside handle assembly. Lower the 66 Tool into the door cavity with the tip facing forward. Carefully lower the car-opening tool and turn the tool 90 degrees so the squiggle portion is beneath the horizontal linkage rod. Lift he tool to capture the linkage rod. Turn the car-opening tool to bind the linkage rod and manipulate the linkage rod towards the rear of the vehicle to unlock the door locking mechanism.


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