Jet 9000: Key Duplication With A Twist

With Jet’s exclusive Twist-N-Cut feature, four-way jaws and a fully enclosed motor, cutting keys manually has never been easier.

The 9000 is available in both 110 AC and 12v DC, and weighs just 15 pounds, ideal for mobile locksmiths or tight workspaces.

Calibrating The Cutter

To calibrate the milling cutter, the Jet 9000 has a “dial” style adjustment knob that extends and retracts the key follower in relation to the cutter. When the “dial” is turned towards the motor, the key follower moves out from the knob.

Important: Always remove power from the key machine prior to removing or installing the cutter, or when calibrating the cutter.

To calibrate the cutter, first properly secure the same Jet key blanks into each vise jaw. Carefully raise the vise jaw assembly until the key follower or the cutter contacts a key blade. Using your fingers, try to turn the cutter.

A properly calibrated key duplicating machine cutter can be turned with the teeth minimally contacting the blade. If the cutter does not contact the blade, loosen and adjust the “dial” knob slowly counterclockwise until the teeth just contact the blade while the cutter is being finger rotated. The cutter must just contact the key blade as it is being rotated. Once in adjustment, tighten the key follower setscrew.

If the cutter is in contact with the blade and it will not turn using finger pressure, loosen and adjust the “dial” knob slowly clockwise until the teeth just contact the blade while the cutter is being finger rotated. Tighten the setscrew.

Note: There is an Allen screw directly beneath the key follower whose head stops the travel of the vise assembly. In this position, the cutter cannot contact the vise jaw. This screw should never be tightened to the point of allowing the cutter to contact the vise jaw.

The Jet Hardware Model 9000 Key Duplicating Machine is available as an 110VAC version or a 12VDC version. The key machine’s motor and the pulley system are contained within the cast body, limiting the possibility of chips or dust affecting the operation.

The Jet 9000 comes with tip stops, Ford Guides and lifting pins. The tip stops are used for non-shoulder keys to properly locate the blades. Ford guides are used to ensure the double-sided Ford key blades are properly seated within the vise jaws for straight cuts. The two sizes of lifting pins are used to raise a key and key blank until the bottom of the cuts are visible in within the side 2 vise jaws.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Jet Hardware, Telephone: 718-257-9600. Web Site:

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