Back Page, September 2013

Twenty Years Ago

Personal protection items were suggested as a way to boost impulse sales. A second Ledger article outlined child safety products as another impulse profit builder. Gale Johnson described the procedure for rekeying a Mazda Miata. Linda Zazueta, Mastervoice Inc., suggested in Locksmith Ledger 20 years ago that home automation was a profitable service to provide. Mike Coffey, president of Hometronics, also wrote about business opportunities in home automation. Bill Bower explained how an auto engine problem connects with selling security. Almont padlock rekeying was the subject of an article. Jerry Levine printed a rumor that each of the Chrysler divisions would have their own key blank section for 1995. Only a rumor. Jerry Levine also reported on new keyways to be introduced by Corbin Russwin. That report was accurate. Gale Johnson provided some ideas for developing sales brochures for your business. Mark Moneta started a series on "Knowing Your Market." T.C. Mickley wrote about personal anti-attack devices such as shrill alarms or tear gas spray. New19 GM key codes were discussed. There were over 100,000 total codes in the series. Ford later used only 1706 codes in their "X" series. Dianna Davis explained how advertising can work for you. Milt Wolferseder offered tips on servicing Herring-Hall-Marvin safes.


Ten Years Ago

Rod Oden described several security products which can be used to increase commercial door security. Tom Gillespie provided ways to conduct a home security survey and what hardware to suggest. Tim O’Leary described some problems and offered solutions for dealing with building codes. Tim O’Leary also showed how to combine products from different manufacturers in order to make a functional security system. Jerry Levine installed an Adams-Rite Maglock and switchbar system on a pair of aluminum doors. A Ledger article described the history of Sargent & Greenleaf safe deposit locks. The DHI conference was held in Tampa, Fla. A forum which included Mark Berger, Securitech Group, was a featured event. Jerry Levine introduced some exciting products from Aiphone Security Systems. Gale Johnson showed how to fit keys to a Vespa moped. Tiny showed how to fit keys to a 2001 Kawasaki Ninja. Steve Kaufman interviewed Heidi Carr, a locksmith in Allentown, PA. She offered ways to increase safe sales. 


Ledger Supports Education

Our photo shows students completing the five-day Basic Locksmithing class at this year’s ALOA Expo and Conference, one of many great educational opportunities. We were happy to provide them all with the latest issue of Locksmith Ledger!

ALOA worked hard to provide the best quality education possible by offering more than 200 full-day instructor-led training classes through regionally sponsored classes, at the annual ALOA Convention & Security Expo (July 13-20, 2013, in Baltimore) and through the ALOA Training Center. Stay tuned for dates and information on ALOA 2014, which is planned in New Orleans, LA, next summer.

Meanwhile, ALOA offers two more sessions of its six-day Basic Locksmithing Course this year at ALOA headquarters in Dallas. TX. Dates are Sept. 30-Oct. 5 and Dec. 9-14. For more information, visit or call 800-532-2562, ext. 101.