Avoid Callbacks By Choosing The Right Access Control Component

The mission of the professional locksmith is to provide a quality product, properly rated for the application, and install it appropriately for the prevailing site conditions.

I said we’d need to get the lock off the door, and he said we’d relock the door and go back to his office downstairs and retrieve a spare lock which I could pop on the door temporarily.

I told him that he must not close the door because there was an excellent chance we would be unable to regain entry and it could be a job to get in. But in this clinical environment, leaving doors such as this open or unlocked without a nurse or other responsible individual supervising is hazardous to the patients.

My customer said it would be a form of recreation to break in the door. I said it would not be any fun for me, and sent him back to get the other lock while I would guard the opening and remove the faulty lock.

With the door open, removing the Simplex is as simple as unscrewing four screws. Unfortunately the serial number had been scraped off the lock.

Simplex underwent a redesign at a point in time which made it impossible for me to immediately determine which version it was.

Of course when the client had initially called me, I had obtained enough information to determine that it would be smart to bring along a replacement. I do not keep mechanical locks in stock, but I have many electronic standalones and I brought my E-Plex E-5731XSWL-626 which is mounted on a demonstration stand.

As I already mentioned, this facility has many doors which have electronics on them. What is on the door has a lot to do with who was servicing the account when the need arose for access control, what hardware was existing on the door, what functionality was required for the opening, and the budget.

Since we had solved the immediate crisis, I had time to consider options and my customer had time to decide.

I determined that all the parts necessary to fix the old lock were available, but the broken Enter button would necessitate returning the lock to the factory,

I offered my E-Plex at a great price, but my customer was more interested in a mechanical lock.

Even though the code box was still working on the Simplex and the lever spring was no biggie, the rest of the lock was old and worn. My customer said he would just as soon replacing it with another one of the same type, which was a #5021XSW-26D This model is supplied with two keys and a three-year warranty and lists for $498.

I will wait for them to decide. Either way, I charged for that service call and eventually, they’ll need my services once again. And either choice will secure the opening.

While I was there, I serviced a two-station video intercom that had suddenly stopped working. It was an Aiphone Mk1GD master station which had failed.

As I walk through the facility, my customer is constantly intercepted with requests to clear a clogged toilets or figure out why air conditioning was not cold, or fix a broken bed.

They use trouble tickets so he reminds his staff to send in it through appropriate channels and he will address it as time permits. He’ll say “Sorry I don’t take requests any more.” But locksmiths sure do.

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