Contactless Power Transfer With the Securitron® PowerJump™

Transfer power wirelessly across a door gap to power electrified hardware

Measurements were taken from above the door to determine the centerline. This measurement was transferred to the jamb. The amount of space was somewhat limited and a decision was made to cut the opening for the frame unit first.

There are two sets of dimensions for the PowerJump using this method of installation, body dimensions and face dimensions. Body dimensions are 1-7/8” tall by 1-1/4” wide. These cutouts in both the hinge and the jamb will create the opening necessary for insertion of the frame unit and door unit. The face dimensions are 2-3/4” tall by 1-1/4” wide. Only the continuous hinge will have to be cut in order to recess the face, which is 1/8” thick.

Once the template was positioned, four 5/16” diameter holes were drilled at the corners through the continuous hinge and the jamb. Because of the confined work area, a jigsaw could not be used. Instead, we used a rotary tool with a cutoff blade to cut both layers from drilled hole to drilled hole.

Once the hole was cut, filed and de-burred to accommodate the PowerJump frame unit body, the face opening had to be cut. The opening was cut along the template lines through the continuous hinge. We dry-mounted the frame unit to be certain it fit the opening.

The wiring was cut and the door loop was removed. Using a bent piece of coat hanger, the wire was pulled through the jamb opening. To ensure solid contact, two wire Molex connectors were attached to the wiring supply to the jamb and the purple and black wires of the frame unit.

The frame unit was installed into the jamb using the supplied screws. To ensure alignment, a dab of putty was placed at the centers of the two Phillips Head screws. Closing the door, a bit of the putty transferred onto the door side of the continuous hinge. These two indicators and the top and bottom of the frame unit provided positioning for the door unit template.

The four corners were drilled and the rotary tool was used to cutout the openings. A file was used to make adjustment and clean up the opening. The wiring was pulled from the rail out of the cutout. Molex connectors were installed and the door unit was installed.

Once the wiring was completed and the door unit installed, power was activated. A valid card was presented to the reader. The reader illuminated green and a click could be heard. The door was pulled open by the handle. This test was repeated several times to ensure smooth operation.

The door cord holes were sanded and filled with body putty. After drying, the body putty was sanded smooth and spray painted with touchup paint.

The Securitron PowerJump can be installed along just about any location on a door. This will make wiring easier for door locking hardware that requires 250mA@24VDC or 500mA@12VDC or less.

PowerJump is covered by the MagnaCare Lifetime Replacement No Fault Warranty. For more information, visit

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