ASSA Maximum+™ - Adding Up To Superior Security

The locksmith market has many high security lock systems to offer but few can boast a utility patent that extends 16 years into the future. ASSA, Inc. announces its latest UL 437 listed high security patented key system, Maximum+. This new key profile is backward-compatible to existing Twin Maximum products and easily upgrades patent protection for existing Twin Maximum key systems merely by replacing existing keys with new Maximum+ keys cut to the same bittings. Best of all, the only new components required are the keys & plugs as all other Twin Maximum components can be used with Maximum+.

The innovation on which the new Maximum+ utility patent is based is a unique geometric relationship created between the side walls in the key undercut adjacent to the side code location on the key blank. The undercut process, covered under patent rights granted to ASSA AB of Stockholm, is a speed controlled punch which creates the shape of the undercut. Picture a needle-like tool with a unique tip that carves out the key undercut which is clamped in a stable fixture from tip to bow. The acceleration of the tool must be precisely controlled. Too fast and the tip can jump out of the undercut; too slow and the sidewalls can chip or become misshapen lacking the symmetry required to mate with the corresponding ward in the keyway. This process creates a uniquely shaped Security RidgeTM for the side codes on Maximum+ keys.

The new utility patent offers legal protection against unauthorized duplication of keys that will not expire until 2029. The system is available to all ASSA authorized wholesalers, distributors, service centers & dealers. ASSA, Inc. is filling Maximum+ orders for the most popular retrofit cylinders from their inventory today and will expand the product offering as market demand dictates.

The extensive master keying capability highly desired by large institutional, commercial and government customers remains intact as we progress systems over 9 cut depths at 6 positions for the top cuts and 2,805 different side code combinations at the 5 side cut locations. This allows enough permutations to offer 160,000 usable combinations per key profile with the physical security advantage of two independent locking mechanisms at the sidebar and traditional shear lines.

The large number of side bar combinations allows ASSA to offer proprietary geographically protected territories controlled through legal agreements with each of our customers. These proprietary agreements are enforceable under the rights granted from the utility patents and are valued by our end user customers for the physical protection. ASSA commercial locksmith customers value the proprietary advantage gained through owning unique side bars in their market.

ASSA C4 CLIQ electronic keys will now be offered with the Maximum+ profile exclusively to extend patent protection for ASSA access control customers. The Maximum+ profile continues to offer the same large cross section of a 0.12 inch thick key blade which stands up to demanding environments like jails and prisons where our other key profiles are used extensively as an override key.

A low cost Maximum+ restricted cylinder line will be available in the near future to offer the ASSA customer the option to save on internally located cylinders which are rarely subject to physical attack, unlike perimeter doors where UL 437 listed cylinders are recommended.

Maximum+ offers the opportunity for customers on other ASSA profiles to enjoy patent protection as we approach the expiration of these patents in June 2014. Maximum+ training and certification events are being sponsored by many ASSA wholesalers, distributors and service centers across North America so look to attend these in your local area. Contact your ASSA wholesaler today to get a copy of the Maximum+ agreement, place your initial stock order and gain a proprietary advantage in the high security market.