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TWENTY YEARS AGO ALOA held its 1993 convention in Chicago. Jerry Levine reported on Eclipse access control systems by PCSC.  ISM safe company offered suggestions on how to choose the correct high-security safe.  Jerome Andrews addressed cross-keying...

Aaron Fish succeeded by finding a need and developing a product to meet that need. As example there was once a request for an identity card which required an internal power source. He purchased a company which was developing a type of miniature battery.  The identity card idea was eventually dropped but the miniature batteries are now used in hearing aids.  

Aaron Fish sold Unican to Kaba Holdings in 2001. In the book epilogue, Fish wrote, "..its not speed that kills, but it's the sudden stop".  He does not plan to stop any time soon. Aaron and his wife have created the Aaron and Wally Fish Family Foundation to provide scholarships to mechanical engineering students who are attending college either in Montreal or Israel.

For information on ordering this book, contact: A.M. Fish Holdings Ltd., 26 Briardale Road, Hampstead, Quebec H3X 3N6, Canada. Phone: 514-788-0788



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