Crowd Funding

Most products on the market today arrived in the same fashion. An inventor dreamed up the product idea and either an individual or a manufacturer had enough confidence in the new idea to invest money for development. If the product is finally introduced, the list price reflected not only the real cost of manufacture but also the cost of development. Many ideas get no further than the drawing board and investment costs become complete losses.

There are very few ‘simple’ inventions these days, especially in the security industry, and the cost of development has become exorbitant. High development costs have helped to eliminate most small budget companies from competing. Just try to think of any important security products which have been introduced in the last few years that did not contain the name of a well-known company. Large companies have the funding and are willing to take the gamble.

Gambling in Las Vegas is just a legal extension of what people do every day by investing in the stock market. The bet is that stock values will go up and their investment will increase. While 2008 was not a good stock market year, in most cases the stock market is a much safer place to put your money than Las Vegas will ever be.

Of all the developments made during the last 50 years, the Internet is the one which has most affected our lives. A new Internet phenomenon is called Crowd Funding. When a small company has an invention and no funding, they can advertise their idea on the Internet. The company offers their unfinished product for sale with delivery promised many months later. People take the gamble, place their order, and the small company receives needed revenue to complete the development of their product.

Crowd Funding makes it possible for small companies to compete with large companies resulting in additional new security products for locksmiths to service and install. One such company website is This company has invented a cellphone-operated deadbolt. Check their site periodically to see how Crowd Funding is working.