New Touchless Electronics Products Improve Security And Safety

Our roundup of innovative new electronics products focuses on touchless door operators, switches, Bluetooth door controllers and access control devices and power supplies.

Security is maintained by way of encrypted communication as well as a programmable security key. The unit name is also user changeable to allow the use of multiple BTC- 1 units. All programming can be done through the free Android application available on Google’s Play Store.

The unit has an LED status indicator that shows if the unit is paired with a device, in programming, or idle. The BTC-1 is small enough to fit on a door frame and it can be powered from the door strike power supply.

Applications include: Gate entrances, Door entrances, Condos, Apartment buildings and commercial.

Features include:

  • Wide supply range 12-24 VAC/VDC
  • Programmable One touch operation
  • Easy to use application software
  • Contact Rating: 2 amps at 24 volts AC or DC momentary, 1 Amp continuous
  • Dimensions: 65mm x 35mm x 20mm (2.56” x 1.38” x 0.79”)
  • Environmental: 0° to 32° C (32° to 90° F) with 5% to 95% non-condensing humidity
  • Connections: Three 18” long leads, 26 AWG
  • Range up to 60 feet, depending on obstructions
  • Remembers up to eight pairings

eFlow Power Supplies

We use power supplies to operate or locking systems and electronics. It is essential that our power supplies are reliable and efficient.

The Altronix eFlow Series is a new compact high efficiency power supply series. eFlow is a power supply/charger that converts a 120VAC, 60Hz input into a single VDC Class 2 Rated output.

Locksmith Ledger interviewed Ronnie Pennington, national accounts manager, Altronix Corp. Following are Ledger’s questions and Pennington’s answers.

With all of the power supplies you currently offer, why introduce this new product line?

eFlow represents our next generation of power supply/chargers that deliver greater functionality and value along with our proven reliability and quality. eFlow is engineered with built in fire alarm interface, overvoltage protection that guards against equipment damage, low power shut-down to protect standby batteries from deep discharge and many other new features. We have also added features and benefits to reduce service and diagnostics costs for our customers and improve their ROI. We are also developing new multi-output models to fit more applications and accommodate more devices, along with a new optional module that allows for remote monitoring and management via web interface or SNMP protocol.

The eFlow is noticeably lighter and more compact than one would expect for its output rating. How come?

Physical characteristics are always a key design consideration when developing new products. Because it is lighter and more compact, eFlow helps reduce costs for manufacturing and shipping, which equates to savings for our customers.

What are the advantages of switching technology over linear technology? Is it sunset for linear technology or are there still applications where it is useful?

Switching technology is much more efficient than linear technology in power supply design, with lower heat dissipation, wider input voltage range, more power density and a more compact footprint. While eFlow power supply/chargers are filtered and have very low ripple and noise and are suitable for most applications, certain card readers still require linear power supplies.

Are installers and designers calling for remote monitoring features? Which features are most sought after and which ones do you expect will gain popularity? Why and in which system environments?

Service and maintenance calls are very costly, both in time and in dollars. By providing a remote means of monitoring, managing and troubleshooting the system, you can improve ROI and add a new revenue stream along with a higher level of service for your customers with less downtime and faster repairs.

For example, you may determine that your customer is experiencing a simpler issue that does not require you to dispatch service. Some of the most important information about power supply system status includes real-time monitoring of input voltage, output voltage, current draw, battery status and power supply temperature. If a problem is detected remotely, you can often diagnose the issue prior to the service technician arriving on location, so that technicians can be better prepared – ensuring successful service calls the first time.

Securitron Wireless PowerJump

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