Medeco M3 Logic: The Next Logical Step In Key Control

Upgrade existing Medeco mechanical systems with electronic cylinders and keys to provide scheduling and audit for openings where greater flexibility and/or accountability is required.

When it comes to maintaining security with keys, the three most important rules are Control, Control and Control. Control the keyway and locks Control key distribution Control where and when the keys will work Controlling the keyway is perhaps the most obvious solution. Without a...

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Can you tell us a little about Medeco’s history?

Medeco was founded in 1968 based on a very inventive approach to making cylinders and keys more secure from the threat of surreptitious key duplication or manipulation. Its history runs deep with government, military, commercial and OEM customers as a result of a continued focus on innovative problem solving.

Medeco has many mechanical product platforms that provide users with patented key control and U.L. listed “high security” cylinders as well as platforms focused solely on prohibiting key duplication. Cylinders are available for nearly any mechanical hardware.

The company became very active in electronic cylinder technology in 1992 in “route collection” markets like payphones, vending, parking, etc. This expertise was leveraged to bring innovative products, like M3 Logic, to the “door security” business in 2007 with four different electronic cylinder platforms having been launched since.

Medeco, an ASSA ABLOY Group company, continues to be recognized globally as an innovator in the patented and electronic cylinder and key markets.


What is the Medeco M3Logic product line’s genesis, and what features differentiate it from similar products?

Security needs have evolved quite notably over recent years with a quickly growing need for better accountability combined with the existing need for key control. M3 Logic leverages Medeco’s extensive history and expertise with miniature electronics and combines with even greater expertise designing and manufacturing secure mechanical key systems. The resulting product allows users to enhance their existing Medeco mechanical systems by adding electronic cylinders and keys where needed to provide scheduling and audit for openings where greater flexibility and/or accountability is required to meet codes or other requirements.

M3 Logic cylinders fit nearly any existing hardware and require no wiring or door/frame modification, so they can be installed in minutes and moved if needs change. M3 Logic is available in any M3 mechanical keyway (with same electronics available on previous Medeco patented products), so ideal upgrade for existing installations.

M3 Logic is manufactured entirely in Salem, Va., and backed by team that is recognized globally as a leader in locking systems.


What markets is this product directed towards?

Virtually every market has a need enhance flexibility or accountability on many openings. We see this product as solution for anyone that has mechanical system that may need greater flexibility or accountability or those with electronic access control needs but without budget to cover high price or ability to pull wires or to modify doors.


Is the M3 Logic more as a controlled keyway or an electronic access control?

It is both. The M3 Logic keys are built around a traditional Medeco mechanical key section, so they are protected by the same utility patents that Medeco has demonstrated to be so effective. It offers all of the control that Medeco customers expect along with added benefit of having unique electronic system identifier associated with the electronic portion of the key. M3 Logic also offers many of the benefits of electronic access control since it provides an audit trail on both the key and the cylinder, and allows time and date access scheduling consistent with traditional access control.


Can M3 and M3 Logic be combined on a single site to achieve the desired level of security while still permitting future upgrades to electronics?

Even better… there are three cylinder technologies available that will work within a single M3 Logic system. All three cylinder types can be controlled with the M3 Logic key.

First, for doors where the highest level of accountability is required, users should install M3 Logic with audit and scheduling capabilities.

If no audit or scheduling are required, a mechanical M3 cylinder should be installed – which provides UL Listed High Security.

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