PACLOCK: Made in the USA Quality With Custom Features

Much of PACLOCK’s new product focus is on “Aluminizing the Padlock Industry," which is creating aluminum versions of padlocks not otherwise seen in the market place.

Future Trends

The future of the padlock as we see it is the “Aluminizing the Padlock Industry”. Much of PACLOCK’s new product focus is on creating aluminum versions of padlocks not otherwise seen in the market place. The concept is simple.

A big, strong machine hardened steel padlock with a 7/16” shackle is expensive. What if the customer’s security solution doesn’t require a steel body padlock? The PACLOCK solution is to not only offer that hardened steel padlock, but also a more affordable version of the same padlock but with the body made out of aluminum. The cost savings is dramatic and the trade-off in security is negligible. When padlocks are attacked, rarely is the body of the padlock being attacked. Rather, it’s the shackle that the common thief tries to defeat.

In 2012, Pacific Lock introduced an aluminum bodied shackle-less hockey-puck style padlock, the aluminum 900 Series 7/16” shackle padlock and a complete aluminum lineup of the IC Series padlocks. The aluminum padlock requires less time manufacturing, providing the customer with a quality product that is less expensive.

Product Design Improvements

Along with improved quality and shorter lead times, in-house manufacturing capabilities have given PACLOCK an ability to make rapid adjustments or improvements to their padlocks. For about five years now PACLOCK has sold an “XIC” Hockey-Puck padlock that can accept either SFIC or K-I-K 6-Pin cylinders. The patent pending design is unique in the industry.

However, the current design has limitations. The outer diameter of the puck is slightly larger at 3” versus a traditional hockey-puck at 2-7/8”. The slot that accepts the hasp also had to be shifted to allow for the longer size of an SFIC or K-I-K. Because of these two changes, the “XIC” does not fit with the standard hasps found on the market today. PACLOCK had to manufacture and sell a special hasp to be used with this “XIC”.

Many customers don’t mind the fact that they have to buy both a hasp and puck lock. But, we know we are missing out especially when it comes to the consumers who has an existing system and only wants to ‘upgrade’ his traditional puck to a puck that will work with an SFIC or K-I-K.

So, Pacific Lock has made improvements to their patent pending SFIC Hockey Puck. “Necessity is the mother of all inventions,” says Josh Fleagane, VP of Engineering at PACLOCK. Minor tweaks were made to the original XIC design which allow for a 7, 6, or 5-Pin SFIC to work in a “regular” 2-7/8” size hockey-puck structure.

“The outer dimension of our Version 2 is 2-7/8” and the slot is in the same location as a traditional puck lock,” explains Fleagane. Pacific Lock is now bringing to market a hockey-puck that you can use with any SFIC and that will fit in any existing hasp on the market today. Pacific Lock is in the currently working on improving the K-I-K version of the XIC Hockey Puck.

Revamping K-I-K Products

Versatility is a rallying cry for PACLOCK by offering different shackle diameters, body materials, keying possibilities, engraving options. Pacific Lock is ready to introduce the next step by completely revamping its K-I-K padlock line.

Rectangular-style K-I-K padlocks will be available in two body material types: aircraft grade aluminum or brass. The padlock will also come in three sizes of shackle diameters: ¼”, 5/16”, and 3/8”. The market for this padlock will be “standard” padlock for normal customer’s need.

However, if your customer wants a heavier-duty padlock with an even thicker shackle, then Pacific Lock is preparing a round style padlock with a 7/16” diameter shackle. For those customers who want the strongest security possible, PACLOCK will offer a hardened steel body. However, for those customers who are interested in a cost/security trade-off, they can save money by opting for the aluminum body version.

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