Freedom to Come and Go With the Norton 6000 Series

Low energy power door operators provide access and egress solutions for people who have difficulties opening a door.

From 2000 to 2010, the number of Americans aged 65 or older plus increased to more than 40 million, up more than 15 percent. The ability to live an autonomous life is dependent upon the ability to get around. This includes getting into and out of businesses, doctor’s offices and even senior living situations.

Even with eight-pound opening force requirements for non-fire rated exterior doors, a senior, disabled person or child can have difficulty safely navigating an opening.

Low energy power door operators provide access and egress solutions for people who have difficulties opening a door. Unlike high energy door operators that require additional safety components, low energy operators can just be equipped with activation devices. Some low energy door operators offer a standard 120VAC plug as an option to simplify installation.

The Norton 6000 Series Low Energy Power Operator is designed for high traffic applications. The operator conforms to ANSI/UL standard 325 for Automatic Closing Doors and UL10C Position Pressure Fire Test for Door Assemblies. The door operator meets or exceeds ANSI A156.19 Power Assist and Low Energy Power Operated Doors and ANSI 117.1 Accessibility and Usability for Physically Handicapped People.

Basic features of the fire rated Norton 6000 Series include Push & Go, 1.3Amp onboard 24VDC power supply, obstruction detection, motor startup delay adjustment, relay and alarm output and presence detector input. The Norton 6000 Series can accommodate door widths up to 48 inches and doors weighing up to 250 pounds.

Two significant upgrades are incorporated into the Norton 6000 Series Low Energy Power Operator. First, the motor and closer body are mounted onto a bolt-on sub-assembly to simplify installation. Second, programming is accomplished using a joystick for the controller interface. To scroll through the menu, push the joystick up or down. To change a setting, push the joystick to the left to decrease the value or to the right to increase the value. When finished, to save the changes, scroll down to “save values” and press in on the joystick. All settings can be viewed on the built-in LCD screen.

The heavy components of any power door operator, the door closer and motor, can be removed from the mounting plate prior to installation. This enables one-man installation of the door operator mounting plate. Once installed, the motor/closer sub-assembly can mounted and secured.

The Norton 6000 Series operator is a combined motor-driven door opener with a size one to six adjustable Norton 7500 Series door closer. When an activation switch is activated, the door swings open and remains open for the 0 to 30-second hold open time. When the hold-open times out, the door closes under pressure exerted by the door closer. This operator can be factory ordered with an infinite hold open.

If the door contacts an obstruction at any time during the opening or closing cycle, the door will reverse direction, either opening or closing. If the door contacts the obstruction a second time, the door remains against the obstruction until it is removed. Should power be lost, the 6000 Series operates as a mechanical surface-mount door closer closing the door.

Norton has equipped the 6000 Series with a 1.3Amp power supply to provide sufficient on-board power for most solenoid or motor-driven door locking hardware. This eliminates the need for a separate power supply.


I was invited to the installation of a Norton 6000 Series Low Power Door Operator onto the interior (push) side of an aluminum glass door in a curtain wall. The door is the left leaf of a double door opening. The doors are equipped with concealed vertical rod exit devices. The left door exit device will be dogged during the hours the operator will be powered.

The Norton 6060RF was ordered with two 6” square, surface mount activating door switches. These stainless steel switch plates activate radio frequency (RF) transmitters operating at 433 MHz. An RF Receiver operating at 433MHz was pre-installed onto the door operator.

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