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ALOA SPAI Creates Institutional Locksmith Division ALOA Security Professional Association, Inc . (ALOA SPAI) announces the formation of a new division developed to meet the unique needs of institutional locksmiths. ALOA Institutional Locksmiths...

In addition to general water safety practices, homeowners or organizations maintaining pools need to take the following steps, according to D&D.

Install “isolation fencing” which completely separates the pool or spa area from the house or other structures. An isolation fence restricts unauthorized access from neighbors’ yards, other nearby buildings, and from inside the house. Isolation fencing is the preferred configuration for pool and spa protection.

All fences must be non-climbable, meet all applicable local safety codes, and should be at least 60” tall, with vertical bars set close to one another so that a small child cannot squeeze through.

Install be self-closing and self-latching gates with a locking device such as the rust-free MagnaLatch® Top Pull, along with self-closing hinges like the TruClose®.

Gates should open away from the pool and have self-closing hinges, and should never be propped open. Check and adjust your gate regularly to make sure it operates correctly.

The gate latch should be out of the reach of children, at least 54” from the ground. Use a locking latch, and keep it locked when pool is not in use. Store the key out of children’s reached and make sure all adults know where the key is kept.

Keep anything that can be climbed, such as chairs, tables, storage bins, playground equipment, ice chests, etc. inside the fence area.

All doors providing direct access from the home to the swimming pool should be equipped with a self-closing, self latching device with a release mechanism placed no lower than 54 inches above the floor.

Rust-free, pool safety gate hardware by D&D Technologies is now available under the Stanley or National Hardware brand through select Lowe’s stores or through other hardware retailers. The hinges and latches are simple to install and most models offer vertical and horizontal adjustment to correct gate misalignment caused by ground movement, children swinging on gates, or other factors.


Ingram To Lead FST21 U.S. Sales Team

FST21 has named security industry veteran Mark Ingram as director of U.S. sales. He previously served as  manager of strategic distribution sales, Pelco by Schneider Electric and, prior to that, as president of Visonic Americas.

FST21's SafeRise® access control software utilizes FST21's In Motion Identification™ capabilities to manage and control building entry points, common areas, elevators and parking areas. SafeRise recognizes people simply by the way they look and move, eliminating the need, and inherent security risks associated with solutions such as swipe cards and FOBs. SafeRise represents a best-in-breed fusion of cutting-edge, value-adding technologies, including 2nd generation Biometrics, Video, Behavior Analysis, Facial Recognition, and License Plate Recognition.

 "We are very pleased to welcome Mark to FST21 team," says Major General Aharon Zeevi Farkash, CEO of FST21. "Mark was recruited in response to the rapid growth of the company in the U.S. FST21 is also positioned to bring on additional sales and technical support personal."

Mark can be reached at or 860-713-3231. For more information about FST21, visit


Linear Offers Live Support In Spanish

Linear LLC is providing announces Spanish language live support for both its Technical Service and Customer Service departments. In an effort to better serve the growing Spanish-speaking community in the U.S. and in the expanding Mexican and South American markets, Linear has assigned four Spanish speaking agents in each department, with additional expansion planned as needed.

"At Linear, we believe in providing the best customer service and technical support to all our clients and partners. Mexico, South America and Spanish speaking Americans represent an important customer base for Linear and our bi-lingual representatives are already standing by to answer technical or service-related questions," said Greg Hancock, director of customer care at Linear. "We are excited to expand this service and will continue to provide a high level of expertise and service to all of our customers."

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