STRATTEC Has The Competitive Edge

"If we can keep our competitors focused on us while we stay focused on the customer, ultimately we'll turn out all right."  --- Jeff Bezos

STRATTEC has been an original equipment lock and key manufacturer for the automotive industry since the 1930s. Our lock products are built upon sound, quality principles. The focus at STRATTEC is the same today as it was 80 years ago which is to provide tested and proven original lock and key products for the locksmith industry. Our TS16949 worldwide quality certification ensures you that STRATTEC products meet standards, which other manufacturers do not achieve. 

Are our competitor’s keys cheaper? Yes. Are their keys better? No.

As an example, why do STRATTEC 599114 key blanks for Ford vehicles operate 100 percent of the time while "competitors" keys have been known to fail on an average of one in four or more times? The math is simple. We inspect and test 100 percent of our transponder key blanks before they leave the STRATTEC factory. Our competitors do not provide the same quality control.

When you are fitting keys to a vehicle or duplicating a vehicle key, the peace of mind in knowing that the new key will definitely operate mechanically and electronically far outweighs the small initial difference in cost between an original STRATTEC transponder key and a competitor's transponder key. 

Locksmiths expect the quality built into each STRATTEC key blank and STRATTEC delivers. We appreciate our strong locksmith customer base and your loyalty to our original equipment brand. Use the right parts the first time to eliminate future problems.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or STRATTEC Security Corp., 3333 W. Good Hope Road, Milwaukee, WI 53209. Telephone:877-251-8798. Web Site:


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Jeff Baker has been with STRATTEC for 15 years in various positions including quality engineering, distribution warehousing, customer service management, locksmith and distributor training (including design of course and hands on exercises) and sales.  He is based out of the manufacturing facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is the Distributor and Export Manager for the North American market.