Building an AMSEC BF Gun Safe

A good quality gun safe provides three key features: a range of sizes/configurations, burglary protection and fire protection. Watch as such as safe is built by AMSEC.

Photo 1 is a steel plate cutting machine that uses a laser to cut safe door panels up to one inch thick.

Photo 2 is close-up view of the laser cutting a steel plate.

Photo 3 is a plate cut to fit a safe.

Photo 4 is one end of an inside panel for a gun safe.

Photo 5 is the machine that bends the panels into shape.

Photo 6 is an inner panel for a gun safe.

Photo 7 shows gun safe bodies that have been assembled and welded.

Photo 8 is the door of a gun safe.

Photo 9 is the door attached to the body using the hinges.

Photo 10 is the “GOFF” shot blast machine.

Photo 11 is of a safe that has been blasted and the tungsten shot.

Photo 12 is a group of gun safes ready for DryLight.

Photo 13 is a gun safe floor with anchor holes and power port.

Photo 14 shows gun safes having been filled with DryLight.

Photo 15 shows gun safes prepped for the paint procedure.

Photo 16 shows gun safes being prepped and primered.

Photo 17 is a door open gun safe primed.

Photo 18 shows gun safes that have been prepped for gloss and texture finishes.

Photo 19 is a gun safe in the climate control paint booth.

Photo 20 is three gloss finish gun safes.

Photo 21 is a textured and a high gloss finish gun safe.

Photo 22 is the mounting bracketing and hard plate for the safe lock.

Photo 23 is the assembly area for the AMSEC ESL 10XL electronic lock.

Photo 24 is the boltwork.

Photo 25 is the U. L. Listed Group II mechanical combination lock with spy-proof, key locking dial, five spoke handle and pull handle.

Photo 26 is AMSEC ESL 10XL electronic lock option on a safe.

Photo 27 is the exterior view of the power port.

Photo 28 is the interior view of the power port.

Photo 29 is the interior assembly area.

Photo 30 is a finished EZ Slat-Out.

Photo 31 is the LED lighting.

Photo 32 is the open door view of a gun safe.

Photo 33 is a cutaway view of the BF Series door

Photo 34 is a view of the door thickness with Palusol seal.

Photo 35 is the U. L. Listing and the fire rating.

Photo 36 photo is the Premium Door Organizer.

Photo 37 is a finished BF Series Gun Safe.

Photo 38 is the shelves stocked with BF Series Gun Safes ready for shipment.

AMSEC’s “Round-the-clock Customer Service” representatives are available to help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by calling 951-685-9680, x1032

The BF Series AMSEC Gun Safes have a lifetime no-cost warranty that includes no labor charge, no parts charge and no freight charge.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or American Security Products, 11925 Pacific Ave., Fontana CA 92337. Phone: 951-685-9680. Web:

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