Building an AMSEC BF Gun Safe

A good quality gun safe provides three key features: a range of sizes/configurations, burglary protection and fire protection. Watch as such as safe is built by AMSEC.

Today’s gun safes have become general purpose safes. More gun safes are sold than any other kind of safe and more items than guns and ammunition are being stored in them.

A good quality gun safe provides three important features: large size options at reasonable prices, burglary protection and fire protection. In addition, most gun safes are convertible; the racking and shelving is adjustable and interchangeable, meeting the needs of the gun owner and the non-gun owner.

There are many different gun safe manufacturers. Gun safes range from metal cabinets having a piano hinge attached to doors operated by a key lock weighing less than 160 pounds to U.L. Listed TL Burglary Classification gun safes with fire protection weighing in excess of 4,000 pounds.

All AMSEC BF Series Gun Safes are built to meet or exceed the U.L. Residential Security Container (RSC) Burglary Classification and the Mercury Class 90-minute fire protection. The AMSEC BF Series Gun Safes incorporate modern safe technology with age old safe security, where just about every BF Series Gun Safe has a ½” thick steel plate door and two layers of steel in the body. The U. L. RSC satisfies safety requirements for states such as California.

Implementing modern safe technology increases the total door thickness to between 4 5/16 and 4 ¾ inches. Contained within the complete door is the steel plate, the DryLight™ poured concrete insulation material, hardplate and boltwork that operates the 11 1 ½-inch diameter chrome plated steel bolts. DryLight is a proprietary formula fire insulator that provides a dry and seamless fire barrier.

BF Series Gun Safes have a body thickness of two inches providing a combined 7 gauge steel wall thickness. Sandwiched between the inner and outer formed steel bodies, DryLight compound provides temperature control to protect the contents of the safe below 350 degrees should it be in a 1275-degree F fire burning for 90 minutes.

An integral part of the protection is between the door and the body. There are two stage dual fire seals: a silicone seal surrounding the doorjamb and an expandable Palusol™ seal around the door. The Palusol silicate seal expands when there is a fire, generating a non-combustible, heat-insulating and pressure-resistant foam sealing the opening between the door and the body.

The door is secured to the container by two commercial grade, adjustable ball bearing hinges. BF Series gun safes can be ordered with a left or right hand swing door.

Smooth and clean prep work provides stunning finishes. Once a gun safe has been assembled, it is placed inside the “GOFF” shot blast machine. The Goff hurls .030” tungsten shot at a velocity of 11,000 feet per minute at the safe as it is rotated. The result is the safe is de-scaled providing a clean surface for the prep, prime and painting process.

AMSEC offers several options for the safe lock. The basic lock is a U.L. Listed Group II mechanical lock. For those who do not want to dial open the safe, several electronic safe lock options are available.

The 11-bolt locking mechanism that secures the door is operated by a five-spoke handle. When unlocked, a detent system holds the bolts in the open position. A pull handle is included with each safe to ease opening and closing the door. To protect against forced entry, AMSEC includes two relocking devices, one built into the safe lock and the second located along the boltwork.

The E-Z Slant Out panels accommodate long guns and coverplates provide shelving where there are no guns. On the inside of the door, AMSEC includes the Premium Door Organizer (PDO) with see-through pouches, zippered pockets and storage systems to hold long guns, handguns, ammunition, personal items and supplies. The PDO is custom made for each door size.


Building BF Series Gun Safes

AMSEC BF Series Gun Safes are manufactured at the AMSEC facility in Fontana, Calif. For this article, we will provide a pictorial view of the building of BF Series Gun Safes.

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