Programming 2007 Dodge Ram Pickup Using the TKO Device

For the 2002 model year, Dodge offered the Sentry Engine Immobilizer System as an option for some models of the Ram pickup using Texas Instruments transponders. Over the years, these TI transponder chips could be cloned, providing locksmiths the option of programming or cloning.

Beginning in 2006, Dodge changed over to the Philips Crypto transponder and expanded the models. With this change came a higher level of security and an unexpected difficulty for locksmiths. Some of the Ram pickups and the Calibers could not complete the cloning process.

Here is one Ram pickup whose key could not be cloned. I know; I tried to clone it a number of times with different keys and different cloners.

To provide the owner with two operating keys, I used an Ilco TKO - Transponder Key Originator programming tool to program an additional transponder key.

The owner had one three-button remote head Dodge transponder-equipped key. For the second key, the customer did not want another remote head key, just wanted a key. I used an Ilco Y164-PT Chrysler “Tan” Plastic Head Key with the molded Ilco name.

The code series is M0001-M2618, with four depths of cut. The ignition lock has eight wafer tumblers and seven wafer tumblers (2-8) in the door lock. I decoded the bitting and originated the cuts onto the Y164-PT key blank. I then tested the key in the door lock to be certain the cuts were proper.

The next series of steps are to program the transponder.

Start by inserting the cable from the TKO into the OBDII port.

Always test to be certain of the battery voltage. If the voltage is close to 11 volts, connect a jumper box or battery charger. Low voltage can cause programming to fail.

One of the nice features of the TKO is a drawing of the location of the OBDII port. For this vehicle, the OBDII Port is beneath the dashboard to the left of the “HOOD” release.

Knowing how many transponder keys have been programmed to the vehicle tells you if you can add another one or have to erase them all and start over again. For this vehicle, the maximum number of transponder values that can be programmed is eight.

The TKO indicated that three transponder values were programmed to the vehicle. The truck’s owner did not want the existing values erased. If it were my vehicle, I would have erased the values and programmed the existing key and another one or two.

We just added a new key.

The customer just purchased the vehicle used from a dealership and they provided him with the PIN. Without the four-digit PIN code, you cannot program new keys.


Begin by turning off the ignition and inserting the one key to be programmed.

Then turn the ignition to the On position. Press any key.

The TKO then indicates if a warning light on the console is blinking. Repeat the procedure because of an error with the key has occurred. Press any key.

The next screen asks: Is the procedure successfully ended? Yes or No. Answer Yes.

Turn ignition to the off position, remove the key and disconnect the TKO from the OBDII port.

Insert the programmed key into the ignition and rotate it to the start position. The starter should engage and the engine should start and continued to idle.

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