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RIDGID® Tools Limited Lifetime Service Agreement

RIDGID Tools offers a free lifetime service agreement in addition to the a three-year Limited Service Warranty on RIDGID Brand Hand Held Power Tools. For a limited time (90 days from date of purchase), purchasers may elect to receive a free Lifetime Service Agreement. To accept the Lifetime Service Agreement, you must register your product and submit proof of purchase. The Lifetime Service Agreement provides the original owner a lifetime of free replacement batteries, free service and free replacement parts subject to the limitations.

For more information, contact RIDGID Tools at www.ridgid.com.


ILCO 2013 Auto Truck Cross Reference

Kaba Ilco Corp has introduced its 2013 Auto Truck Key Blank Reference. This is the 31st annual edition. This 144- page automotive reference contains key blank numbers for domestic and world vehicles, a manufacturer’s index and a model index. Programming and cloning information is listed for transponder equipped vehicles including on-board programming instructions and a separate list of transponder equipped key blanks. There is a 10-page glossary of terms.

The 2013 Auto Truck Key Blank Reference is available as a printed copy and as a .PDF file. To download this reference, go to: www.ilco.us or www.kaba-ilco.com/key-systems. It is posted in Literature & Support, Key Blanks, Automotive Key Blanks, General Information, under Reference/Guide.


Wireless Remote Release

Wireless remote release is becoming quite popular for companies that want a person to control who gains access. Wireless remote release has two definite advantages; no wires that have to be run and the transmitter is not in a fixed location.

To install, the receiver (controller) is wired into the system within range of the transmitter's location, for example a desk in view of the entry door or a counter.

For some installations, the available frequency for some wireless remote release mechanisms does not have the necessary range. Problems are either too great a distance for the frequency, RF interference, obstructions or dead spots.

Inovonics EchoStream 900mHz wireless transmitters and receivers operate at higher frequency, eliminating many of the problems. A locksmith replaced an existing wireless remote release because of continual problems. He installed the Inovonics EN4204 Four Zone Add-On Receiver with Relay Outputs and the EN1210 Single Input Universal Transmitters. The EN4204 has five Form C relays and supervises up to four Inovonics transmitters.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Inovonics at Web Site: www.inovonics.com


High Security Cam Locks

FJM Security Products has introduced Pagoda (ABBA) high security cam locks. The locks are available with the following features: one- and two-key pull, zinc alloy housing and optional straight and offset cams. They can be ordered keyed alike or keyed differently. These chrome finish locks are available in 5/8”, 7/8”, and 1-1/8”.

For more information, contact FJM Security Products, 184 24 Hwy 99, Lynnwood, WA 98037. Telephone: 800-654-1786. Web: www.fjmsecurity.com


Key Blanks with Ferrous Metal

Some Asian brass key blanks and some North American-made brass key blanks are being manufactured with an increasing amount of ferrous metal.

As key blanks are manufactured with more ferrous metal, they become more attracted to a magnet. If a key blank contains a small amount, it can be dragged with a magnet. If there is enough ferrous metal, the key blank can become magnetically attached. The more metal there is in a key blank, the harder it is to cut and the harder it is on your rotary cutter.

Keep a magnet near each of your key machines. Test key blanks before cutting them. Too much ferrous metal in a key blank can cause problems for the cutter.


Fire Door Obstruction

I guess they do not want people tripping as they leave without paying their bill.


Lever Abuse

It is amazing to see the amount of damage people can inflict onto a door lock by just gaining access.

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