Transponder Key Blank Comparison

Our chart (click on Related Content tab to download) shows aftermarket comparisons for most popular transponder key blanks. With few exceptions, the blanks are designed for duplication and key origination. A list of keys designed especially for cloning will be listed in a subsequent issue.  This listing was compiled from information currently available and may not contain additional key blanks added since this list was compiled.

For further information contact your local locksmith distributor or the following transponder key blank manufacturers.:

Bianchi USA: Phone: 800-891-2118. Web:

Kaba-IlcoCorp.: Phone:  800-334-1381. Web:

Hata Inc.: Phone:  866-888-4282. Web:

Jet Hardware: Phone: 718-257-9600. Web:

STRATTEC: Phone:  414-247-3361. Web:

JMA USA: Phone: 817-385-4850. Web:

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