aptiQ™ Multi-Credential Reader: Mapping The Road To Increased Security

aptiQ™ meets the needs of magnetic stripe, proximity and smart card applications, allowing end-users expand and/or upgrade credential technologies easily.

Near Field Communication (NFC) is the future of contactless access control. NFC lets a smart phone be used just like a smart card. Rather than carrying both a contactless ID card and a smartphone, now the user simply gains access by holding the phone itself up to a reader. The security and communication is exactly the same as the aptiQ smart card, using 13.56MHz and all the security features listed in the description of “smart technology” above.

The open architecture of NFC is built on the same open architecture that Ingersoll Rand has been using for years, so any Ingersoll Rand smart reader in the market today is already NFC ready without changing out the reader. If a customer is interested in switching to NFC anytime in the future, they should be sure to check their existing reader on the wall, because most smart readers in the industry are not presently NFC capable. Such non-NFC-enabled readers can be easily switched over to an aptiQ reader so the customer is ready for the future.

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