aptiQ™ Multi-Credential Reader: Mapping The Road To Increased Security

aptiQ™ meets the needs of magnetic stripe, proximity and smart card applications, allowing end-users expand and/or upgrade credential technologies easily.

The aptiQ™ multi-technology reader, which reads both proximity and smart credentials, now also reads magnetic stripe cards and is Near Field Communications (NFC) compliant.. These readers from Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies provide a simple migration path to increased credential security levels. The NFC feature enables migration to cellphones as credentials.

“Many organizations who still deploy magnetic stripe technology have asked us for an easy migration path to smart cards,” said Jeremy Earles, marketing manager for readers and credentials at Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies. “With our newly upgraded aptiQ multi-technology reader, organizations using magnetic stripe and/or proximity cards can switch over to smart cards as their budgets and planning allows.”

This flexibility helps straddle the gap that exists between many organizations’ existing card population and the most advanced security technologies, providing the ability to accommodate legacy technologies until budgets permit wide-scale transitions. Many college campuses are faced with this dilemma. They are firmly entrenched in magstripe cards and systems and readers supporting them, but they are also adding new buildings and consequently new readers and electronic access control infrastructure. These new readers provide interoperability and an entry portal into a broader selection of authentication technologies such as Smartcards and NFC. The big buzz surrounding NFC is its promise to eliminate the need for a separate credential by allowing authorized individuals access using their own cellphone.

The multi-technology aptiQ readers provide unique advantages and flexibilities over others on the market today. One reader meets the credential needs of magnetic stripe, proximity and smart card applications, including MIFARE® Classic, the industry standard for contactless smart cards, and MIFARE DESFire™ EV1, which leverages open global standards for both air interface and cryptographic methods. Customers can expand and/or upgrade credential technologies easily.

aptiQ readers can also read the card serial number (CSN) of most 13.56 MHz smart credentials and are able to communicate with the growing population of NFC-enabled mobile phones. All aptiQ readers are FIPS 201-1 (Federal Information Processing Standard 201-1) compliant and have been approved by the U.S. Government under HSPD12 (Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12) as PIV (Personal Identity Verification) Transparent Readers.

The open design of aptiQ credentials allows customers to choose their own partners to utilize the credentials for a variety of purposes, including cashless vending, cafeteria services, transit, building automation, and more, providing convenience and options that may not be available with a proprietary credential vendor.

It is a common misconception that migrating from mag stripe to proximity technology or onward to smart cards is a laborious task requiring a high initial investment. aptiQ Multi-Technology Readers and Credentials make these transitions easy and affordable. The ability of aptiQ readers to read both proximity and smart credentials means that you can spread out your investment over time, liberating your budget for your other business needs.

The attractive, modern design and technological capabilities of the aptiQ MT11 reader are enhanced by the fact that the reader is so easy to install. The mullion styling and easy-to-connect wiring harness makes the door frame-mounting process simple. No more juggling between the reader and wiring during installation--simply connect the wiring harness and plug the reader in.

Similar to all Ingersoll Rand Readers, the MT11 operates on a Wiegand interface, and is completely ISO compliant.

Features and Benefits include:

• Read Range: Prox--Up to 5”; MIFARE--Up to 4”; MIFARE DESFire EV1--Up to 2”; PIV Credential--Up to 2.5”

• Weight: 5.7 oz

• Dimensions: 5.91” x 1.72” x 0.81”

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