Vanderbilt Industries Buys Into Access Control Market

The Schlage Security Management System product line was recently acquired by a new company, Vanderbilt Industries. Vanderbilt Industries purchased the SMS, bright blue, and SEVMS product lines from Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies in August 2012.

The core SMS technology was developed by Geoffrey Industries, which was founded in 1989. In 2003, Geoffrey was purchased by IR. From 2003 up until the announced sale, the SMS customer base and support team were built up through the efforts of the IR sales, engineering and marketing team and an extensive network of independent and Schlage integrators.

This transaction is of great interest to both current SMS dealers and end-users, but also to the others within the security industry.

Locksmith Ledger contacted Mitchell Kane, VP, general manager and one of the original owners of Geoffrey, for an inside update. Following are the Ledger’s questions and Kane’s answers.


Can you tell us a little about Vanderbilt Industries?

Vanderbilt Industries was founded in August 2012 and acquired the complete software, controller and video product portfolio on August 31, 2012. Along with a loyal customer base, Vanderbilt also embraced a team of talented employees, most of whom have been with the product line for 15-plus years. Our focus is on long-term relationships that allow us to deliver the finest in safety and security solutions to our dealers and end users.

Vanderbilt Industries is a global leader in creating state-of-the-art security systems. We innovate access control technology by designing, manufacturing and distributing systems that make environments safe, secure and easy to maintain.

Products range from single-user systems so simple that they can be installed in one day to highly customized applications that fit the unique requirements of leading multi-national corporations. We provide security systems used in dozens of industries, including banking, telecommunications, finance, manufacturing, healthcare, education, legal, accounting, government and more.


Tell us about your product lineup.

Our Security Management System, (SMS), is a powerful, single source solution for integrating a facility’s access-control technologies, digital video, and alarm monitoring systems. While completely scalable, this enterprise system is perfect for large, multi-site or global organizations. It supports an unlimited number of cardholders and readers and provides unparalleled flexibility by supporting both online and offline devices.

For small to mid-sized facilities, our bright blue web-based access control system is a perfect fit. Its embedded intelligence design means it does not require special software installation or a dedicated PC. Any computer running a standard web browser can be used to access, monitor and manage the system. The system’s user friendly design makes access control simple. bright blue supports up to 32 doors and 5000 cardholders.

Vanderbilt Industries also offers video integration to our SMS and bright blue access control systems with our Enterprise Video Management Solutions. Our video systems offer hybrid solutions by supporting both analog and IP cameras, while providing the stability and longevity of a solid state system drive by utilizing a Windows XP Embedded OS. The Vanderbilt EVMS is a scalable video solution which can be integrated into the SMS or bright blue access control systems, or they can be used as a standalone video solution. Vanderbilt Industries provides end-to-end solutions including readers, credentials and power supplies.


What are the single-door options?

Vanderbilt Industries offers a couple different options for adding a door to the access control system.

If it is just a single door being added, the Vanderbilt Industries Smart Reader Controller (VSRC) is one option. The VSRC is an intelligent device with a modular approach that effectively combines the capabilities of a controller and reader interface into a single board. It communicates with the SMS software via TCP/IP protocol and can be connected to a variety of electronic locking devices. The communication architecture is capable of being fully networked, thereby saving the customer wiring and expensive installation labor costs.

A second option, which is dependent on the original topology and configuration of the hardware as well as being prepared for future growth, is to use the VRCNX-R Reader Controller board (or to add a reader interface to one already in place.) The Reader Controller Board incorporates additional memory and input/output capabilities onto a single back board for easy installation. The back board includes an VSRC Smart Reader Controller and expansion capabilities for two optional VIONX-8 input/output boards. Compatible with the Vanderbilt Industries SMS software, the VRCNX-R supports up to (16) devices. A VRINX Reader Interface is necessary for each Wiegand device added.


I understand that Schlage-AD standalone lock is open platform and already being integrated with other security systems. Is this integration possible wirelessly as well as hardwired? The AD uses proprietary wireless to connect to the system, and RS485 for the hard-wired: Can you give any examples?

The SMS access control system was the first to integrate the Schlage AD and CO Series locks. SMS supports both the hardwired and wireless electronic AD/CO locks, as well as the offline versions of those locks (i.e. AD-250, AD-200, etc.).

SMS supports the AD hardwired locks using their native communication. This means that they can be connected to the SRCNX-R Reader Controller Board directly via RS-485, thereby eliminating the need for interface panels and allowing for a cleaner, simpler installation – as well as lowered costs. When it comes to the wireless locks, the SRCNX-R requires a single AD ‘PIM’ (Panel Interface Module) to connect up to 16 AD-400 wireless locks. Our Reader Controller Board also allows for mixing and matching (hardwired, wireless, Wiegand devices, etc.) within certain guidelines.


What kind of technical support is available?

This is our sweet spot, and I believe where Vanderbilt excels. Our employees have been with this product line for many, many years. They are dedicated to delivering exceptional quality from production to technical support. This is one of the reasons we have such a loyal customer base.


Are you planning to roll out any new products?

In addition to our scheduled system enhancement and feature set releases, our focus in 2013 is opening our system to a broad spectrum of 3rd party system interfaces, including but not limited to, IP video management systems, offline (network-on-card), Wi-Fi IP electronic locking platforms, enhanced visitor management systems and PSIM integration.


So although your standalones are open platform, your other interfaces and controllers operate under VSMS and bright blue?

Our SMS and VEVMS (Video Management Systems) can be standalone systems or integrated; they can be client/server or PC applications. And yes, the Vanderbilt panels for SMS and bright blue are proprietary and part of our core product line.


What comprises your video line, and what are its benefits and value as compared to other similar devices?

Our video management system is completely scalable and can be centrally or regionally managed. It is available with hardware or as a software-only option where customers provide their own hardware and storage.

Our NVRs are hybrid units, meaning that they support both IP and analog cameras. The customer can mix and match. This is a real benefit and is especially useful if they are slowly upgrading their analog cameras to IP. This allows them to move at their own pace and as their budget affords.

Another feature of the system Enterprise Video Management System is the Microsoft embedded OS software which eliminates the need for constant virus and maintenance updates

From a software standpoint, the video system can be used as a standalone system, or it can be fully integrated into our access control systems (SMS/bright blue), providing video recordings per alarm transactions, cardholder transactions, etc. The video is time-synced with the NVR, allowing for tight integration with the access control system on card swipes, alarm transactions, etc. A module within the SMS software allows the user to associate any camera to any transaction or event type. It’s extremely easy to set up. The user can also set the number of frames pre- and post-transaction for the video clip.


With regard to your NVR software solution, do you use a separate VMS?

Our video management software is the same regardless if using our hardware solution or software-only solution. Our current access control products integrate with the Vanderbilt video system only, but we are in the process of opening that up to other 3rd party video systems.


What are the software levels, and do you have what would be considered entry-mid-and enterprise level packages?

We offer offline only and offline/online software packages. The offline-only package is called SMS Select and supports the Schlage AD/CO Series offline locks. The next level up is SMS Premier, which supports offline and online locks. The top level, SMS Enterprise, also supports offline and online locks, but also includes features such as Advanced Reporting (with Scheduling) and Alarm Graphics.

Each software level is completely scalable and easily upgradable (ie. Select, to Premier, to Enterprise)


Who are the owners/leadership at Vanderbilt?

The organization is currently owned by Joe Grillo and Will West.

Readers who wish to obtain more product information about Vanderbilt products and the dealer program can contact Lynn Wood, product category manager, 2 Cranberry Road, Parsippany, NJ 07054. Telephone: 973-316-3953. E-mail: Web: