Locksmithing etc. Feb. 2013

Mazda Rebadged Ford Vehicles Mazda has rebadged a number of Ford vehicle over the years. The B-Series pickup models that were equipped with a V6 engine were rebadged as Ford Ranger pickups. The Navajo was the two-door rebadged Ford Explorer, and the...

There are two limitations of the Engrave-It XP when compared to the Engrave-It PRO. First, the key and IC core trays are 6” x 8”.  Second, the XP model does not have the capability to engrave typical lock cylinders, faces of IC cores and padlocks.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Kaba Ilco Corp. at Web Site: www.kaba-ilco.com.


Iris by Lowes

Lowes, a nationwide home improvement store has introduced Iris, a hub-based home automation system that can control door locks, appliances, lighting, video cameras and temperature control. Up to 100 devices can be controlled. There are two monitoring options, basic and premium.  Three starter kits are available with individual components sold separately.

For more information, see the Lowes Web Site, www.lowes.com, and search "Iris"


Los Angeles Auto Show

The LA Auto Show was in December and highlighted features and concept vehicles, with little emphasis on "new" vehicles. New cars included the 2014 Acura RLX and 2013 Chevrolet Malibu. Just about all of the other new vehicles are already at your local dealerships. There were a few concept vehicles including the NSX.


New Kenworth & Peterbilt Code Series 

The new P0001-P1500 code series has been introduced for some Kenworth & Peterbilt trucks. This seven wafer code series uses groove 86 keyway locks and keys. Use the vehicle's code series for correct key blank identification.

The spaces and depths are:

Spaces Cut-To-Cut .0921"

1- .757"     2- .665"

3- .573"     4- .481"

5- .389"     6- .297"

7- .205"

Depths Increment .0252"

1- .340"     2- .315"

3- .290"     4- .265"

Aftermarket key blank numbers are: Ilco P1108, Ilco EZ B88, Jet B88-NP and JMA GM-21

Important: Do not substitute the Ilco K1994 or similar key blanks, as these key blanks are designed for a six wafer tumbler lock.

The 1200CM card number is CF207. The Universal II card number is 468.


Looking for Armstrong Locks?

Lock Solutions sells furniture locks, glass door locks, cam locks, keys, glass hardware, etc., manufactured by Armstrong Locks and other companies. For more information, contact Lock Solutions at Web Site: www.locksolutions.com.


Car-Opening Techniques: 2000-12 Volvo V70 Series

This month we will offer car-opening tool manufacturer's recommended techniques for opening the 2000-12 Volvo V70 Series including the XC70. These Volvo four-door models are equipped with vertical inside locking buttons on front and rear doors.

These vehicles are equipped with multi-layer weather stripping at the trim panel. The weather strip is pinched between the front and rear door. Use liquid dish soap to lubricate the weather stripping before inserting a tool. Dish soap will dissipate with water, where a lubricant can stain the door trim panel or the surrounding area.


The following opening methods can be used to unlock the 2000-12 Volvo V70 Series including the XC70 vehicles:


Use the High Tech Tools One Hand Jack 78SG Tool to unlock the front passenger door locking mechanism. Insert an inflatable wedge along the middle of the top of the front passenger door. Inflate the wedge to wedge out the doorframe to provide access for the car-opening tool. Insert the 78SG through the opening created along the rear edge of the doorframe. Slide the tool into the passenger compartment and hook the front passenger door handle. Pull back on the tool to unlock the door locking mechanism. Pull on the handle a second time to open the door.


Use the Pro-Lok AO-42 “Long Reach Tool,” the AO42SL Tool Sleeve, a wedge and an inflatable wedge to unlock the front passenger door locking mechanism. Begin by inserting the wedge two inches beneath the top of the rear edge of the glass. Insert the inflatable wedge six inches from the top. Inflate the wedge. Insert the AO42SL Sleeve four inches from the top of the glass. Insert the "L" end of the AO-42 car-opening tool through the sleeve into the passenger compartment with the tip facing down. Reach the car-opening tool across the passenger compartment until the tip of the tool contacts the electric lock-unlock button on the driver’s door arm rest. Push down on the electric lock unlock button to unlock the door locking mechanism.


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