The Advantages of Electromechanical Locking Systems

With electromechanical keys and locks, the end user can instantly change access to any lock cylinder or key and obtain audit information. And installation is as simple as replacing existing mechanical lock cylinders with an electronic lock cylinder

The path to finding an access control system that could meet their requirements proved challenging. David Fischer, executive director of Broadway Center, says, “The Rialto and Pantages Theaters were built in 1918 and are listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. We required a system that could be installed without altering their historic nature.”

Fischer explains, “We looked at card access systems but they would have significantly altered the interior and exterior look of our theaters. Our 90-year old buildings have solid concrete walls. The systems would have required us to run surface-mount electricity, which is incredibly expensive. In order to hide the electric runs, core drilling into the concrete walls would have been necessary and of course, this was unacceptable.”

After extensive research, Broadway Center selected the CyberLock electronic access control system, which met all their requirements. No expensive wiring or damaging concrete core-drilling was needed for installation. They simply replaced the cylinders inside their door locks with CyberLock electronic cylinders.

“Theaters are dark and inherently dangerous. There are places to fall into and out of. Knowing that we have only authorized, experienced people in these hazardous areas is an important benefit of the CyberLock system,” says Fischer. They can audit activity at each door and restrict each person’s access to the areas they need to do their job.

After installing CyberLock, those keys were no longer a threat. “With the CyberLock system, we can just deactivate a missing key so it cannot access our doors and our security isn’t compromised. Before CyberLock, key duplication was an issue for us. Now, people can’t just go to a hardware store and make an extra key because the system’s electronic keys cannot be duplicated,” states Fischer.

Fischer adds, “The affordability of CyberLock is an enormous benefit to us, we gained the access and key control we needed without compromising the historical integrity of our buildings.”

James McGowan is vice president of sales and marketing, Videx, Inc. For more information on CyberLock, visit

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