Besam Swingmaster® 900 Series Low Energy Power Operator Meets Hospital's Requirements

Low energy power operators can provide accessibility for those who are not physically able. Adding presence sensors helps provide safe access and egress for specific applications

The Doorswitch has three positions; Off, On and Hold Open. When switched to Hold Open, the power operator keeps the door in the open position.

The CUHub coordinates with both of the SuperScans on the approach side of the doors, only when the doors are in motion. Once the doors are closed, the sensors are ignored. On the swing path side of the door, the CUHub coordinates with the Bodyguard III. When it detects a presence, a command is sent to either stop the doors from closing if they are open or to stop the doors from opening if they are closed. While the doors are in motion (either opening or closing), the Bodyguard III sensor is disabled.

Preparing the door operator for installation can include handing each power operator and adjusting cam for doors’ positioning. The cam set determines where the latched and backcheck positions are as well as the handing of the door.

For this installation, measure the housing on both sides for the Swingmaster 900. Install the CU2 Control master and the CU2 Control slave into a bracket secured to the housing. Then mount the Swingmasters into the housing. The CUHub and the Doorswitch are installed into the housing. Important: The Doorswitch must be installed and wired into the CUHub or the door operators will not operate.

The push arms are installed onto the power operator and the doors. Install the shaft adapter lock and screw and tighten the main arm using a 3/8” hex wrench.

Remove the existing Bodyguard and SuperScans and install the new components. Wiring is run from the sensors into the housing. The wiring will be connected once all of the components were mounted.

Remove the two push plates and install two contact-free switches. These contactless activation switches utilize Doppler-effect microwave motion sensor to eliminate physical contact. The sensing pattern is adjustable from four to 24 inches.

Contact push plates require two wires. Contact free switches require four wires; two for power and two for activation. New cabling runs from the push plate double gang boxes into the housing.

Connect the wiring from the Swingmasters to their corresponding CU2 controllers based on the handing required. Connect the CU2 master to the CU2 slave via the Sync cable, and to the CUHub via the control harness. The door switch and Bodyguard are also connected to the CUHub. Do not connect the SuperScans for the initial operation.

Power and test the system, making sure the exit device rails unlatch before the power operator swings the doors to the open position. Check the time delay and make sure the door close and the rails latch, securing the doors. Repeat this operation at least four times to give the system an opportunity to complete the learn cycle before wiring presence sensors.

Important: The CUHub will not operate without the Bodyguard III harness hooked up to a Bodyguard and the Bodyguard configured to operate with the Swingmaster 900.

Make adjustments as necessary.

The Bodyguard and the SuperScans circuit board angle settings can be adjusted from horizontal to 10 degrees or more, depending upon the application. Once adjusted, connect the SuperScans with the door in the closed position.

There are two methods to adjust the Bodyguard III sensing field: a BEA remote control or the manual push buttons under the right end cap. The push button are limited to adjusting the sensitivity, relay mode, auto learn time, pattern width and depth. The remote control provides easier and greater adjustability.

Test the operation of the Bodyguard III and the SuperScans in the closed and open door positions. Make adjustments as necessary to optimize the sensing field. Test the operation again.

Important: Because this was kind-for-kind installation verification was provided to the appropriate agencies.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or the following manufacturers:

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