Home Security Goes High-Tech

Many homes already have the infrastructure for new keyless locks, home security and home automation products. It is up to the security industry to explain how they work and then convince homeowners that they need this new technology.

  • Standalone wireless controls which utilize attractive touchscreens and similar user-interfaces and do not require ‘landlines’ to report alarms or which provide convenient remote controlling.
  • Wireless cameras which can be installed without wires, and which can be viewed real time from anywhere.
  • Electronic door locks which eliminate the dependence on keys, and again permit off-site monitoring and control of doors.
  • HVAC thermostat, and door and window sensors which communicate and may be monitored and controlled in a similar fashion as locks and cameras, extending the functionality of the system beyond security and into energy management and home automation, both of which are positive sells in a culture seeking to reduce energy consumption, and desiring luxury features which do not carry luxury price tags.

Each of these technologies are hoped to open new markets, and when combined into a security-safety and convenience oriented bundle are extremely compelling to a large group of customers; homeowners as well as renters, since the bulk of the expense is in the hardware rather than the labor to install it, so the customer can take the products with them if and when they relocate.

Following is information on some of the new products in the residential marketplace.



The Kwikset Smartcode Deadbolt with Home Connect Technology enables the door lock to wirelessly communicate with other devices. Through a web-enabled device, the homeowner can remotely check the lock status, lock or unlock the door remotely and receive text or email messages. The motor-driven deadbolt allows for true remote locking and unlocking.

The Kwikset Smartcode Deadbolt with Home Connect Technology is available with either Z-Wave or Zigbee wireless mesh technologies. Both are interoperable wireless mesh networking technologies that allows a wide array of devices in and around the home to communicate, including lighting, appliances, HVAC and security systems.

Smartkey cylinders feature a stainless steel side locking bar, racks and pins for increased strength and security. Patented side locking bar technology offers improved security by protecting against lock bumping. Lock bumping is an attack technique used to defeat conventional pin and tumbler locks.

SmartCode features include:

  • Lock or unlock the with mobile device or secure Internet connection
  • Remotely check lock status
  • Receive notification and or video of who enter the home.
  • Remove or enroll access codes into the lock, remotely.
  • Lock the door when the alarm system is armed
  • Unlock the door when the security system is disarmed
  • Communicate door lock status

The Smartcode is also interoperable with home controls permitting control of doors and lighting with handheld remote or touchscreen and it can automatically unlock doors in an emergency.

Virtually any door is a candidate for the installation which requires a standard cylindrical deadbolt or lockset prep. The deadbolt is intended for dual bore prep, and to be used in conjunction with a key actuated entry function or passage function lockset installed below the deadbolt. The deadbolt is field configurable for 1-1/2” or 2-1/8” face hole, and requires a 1” latch bore. No additional holes in the door are required.

These locks are supplied with the SmartKey lock cylinder. This feature enables the cylinder to be rekeyed without removing the cylinder from the door by using only a simple tool provided with the product.

Kwikset is interoperable with several manufacturers including: Honeywell; 2-GIG; GE-Security; Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) MyAccess or the Virtual Keypad App Version 2.0.

For more information on Kwikset products, visit www.kwikset.com.



Providing convenience through technology, SimpliciKey™ Remote Control Electronic Deadbolt provides three different ways to lock/unlock your door while still maintaining maximum security: key keyfob or keypad. SimpliciKey replaces your existing deadbolt without any additional holes or drilling and is available in three finishes Satin Nickel, Polished Brass and Aged Bronze.

Features include:

  • Heavy-duty, all metal construction with bump-resistant keyway
  • Full 1” bolt extension for maximum security
  • Reversible lock system to fit both right-and left-hand doors
  • Nor hard-wiring needed, only requires four (4) AA batteries
  • Meets ANSI Grade 2 Certification

For more information on Simplicikey, visit www.simplicikey.com.


Schlage’s Nexia™

Schlage’s Nexia™ Home Intelligence is a new way for homeowners to control and protect theirs home by integrating the best home automation technology with a simple way to manage it from a distance.

Nexia smart home technology uses Z-Wave technology to control locks, lights, thermostats, cameras and more from anywhere with Internet connectivity.

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