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New products were featured in the December 1992 Issue. One product was a HIT-1 installation jig. Multi-purpose HIT-1 jigs from Major Mfg. are staples these days. EtchGuard, a marking system for auto window glass, was also featured. Where are they now? Doug Selby, Slide Lock, showed how to unlock tough GM vehicles. Jerry Levine explained the GM PKE locking system. Jerry Levine also reported on the technical aspects of the Kwikset Titan lockset. Milt Wolferseder showed how to open a left-handed Herring-Hall-Marvin safe. Ken Dunckel reviewed the improved safe Autodialer by Lockmasters. Another featured new product from 1992, the Weslock Premier handle set, is not exactly a current best seller. Jim Adcock reported on tools available for servicing Medeco lock cylinders.  A list of vehicles equipped with airbags in 1992 may still be helpful when servicing an older car. David Parrott continued his series on sight-reading cuts vehicle keys.  Our legal advisor, Fred Steingold, cautioned against saying unsubstantiated things about former employees.



Keypads were the center of interest in our December 2002 issue. Tim O’Leary described the different available types of keypads. Jerry Levine offered an in-depth look at steel doors and frames. Jerry Levine also took his camera along to a site where a metal door and frame were being installed.  Tim O’Leary continued the door theme with his article on the types and classifications of doors.  Tom Gillespie visited a CCTV class at the Greater Chicago Locksmith Association headquarters where locksmith students actually installed a CCTV camera system in the building. An article outlined the steps for installing new flush end caps on Sargent exit devices. Tom Gillespie also visited a successful locksmith business in Crown Point, Ind. Laurie Simon provided a historical prospective on Yale Bicentric lock cylinders. Two cylinder plugs -- operating separate cams and all stuffed into one lock cylinder housing -- can provide up to 720,000 key changes in a system. Tiny showed how to fit keys to a Mack 'Easy Rider' semi. Steve Kaufman interviewed Mike Cogan, Access Security Corp., for his ideas on sales and marketing.  An impressive chart showed lock information for every 2002 car model.


Roberson Wins GPLA Philadelphia Award

The Greater Philadelphia Locksmith Association (GPLA) has been in existence for 60 years. This makes them one of the oldest locksmith associations in the country. In all these years GPLA has not lost the vitality that every association needs in order to be successful. The culmination of every annual GPLA convention is the presentation of the Philadelphia award at their black tie banquet.  This award was first presented in 1953.  The list of recipients includes every well-known person in our industry.  Anyone receiving the Philadelphia Award considers it an honor and a high point of their career. For more information on GPLA, see

The Philadephia Award for 2012 was presented to Clyde Roberson of Medeco High Security Locks.   Mr. Roberson travels extensively as the international Medeco representative, directs Medeco technical services at the Medeco home office, serves on the ALOA board and over the years has taught many masterkeying classes.  The Philadelphia Award could not have gone to a more deserving person.