Securitech’s Trident Multi-Point Exit Lock Helps Retailers Combat Theft

Delayed egress was the last major feature added to the Trident system. Many retail stores want to prevent both as break-ins and grab and runs. The Trident with delayed egress option fills this need with a code compliant system.


Delayed egress code requires connection to a fire alarm system and free exiting whenever the system is in fire alarm mode. Do you meet this requirement?

Yes. Our delayed egress system can be added to ANY existing Trident system or purchased as part of a new Trident system. No other manufacturer has their delayed egress system as an add-on layer to their already installed product. This layered approach matches Securitech’s philosophy of letting you choose which type of alarm you want for your Trident (none, output signal only, battery or direct power) and exterior entry (none, keyed lever or electric release) and upgrading or changing components based upon current needs.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Securitech Group Inc., Phone: 800-622-LOCK or 718-392-9000. Web:

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