Access Granted With Electronic Keys

The Guardian II system is a non-networked electronic access control system that utilizes controllers operated by electronic keys. It includes an Admin Key to program the controllers, an Export Key to retrieve the audit trail data and User Keys that...

The Admin Key loads the programmed information from the computer into the controllers. When the Admin Key is inserted and rotated clockwise, the LED changes from red to yellow for programming to green, indicating the programming is completed.

Information programmed into each User Key is encrypted and the technology is copy proof. User Keys are reprogrammable.

User Keys, approximately the size of a six-pin tumbler key, are available in four colors, blue (standard), green, red and yellow. The User Keys have an opening to accommodate a key ring/chain. They are designed to function in extreme temperatures, moisture, dirt and electro-static discharge. There is no limit to the number of User Keys that can be programmed for a specific application.

When a user attempts to gain access to an authorized door, the key is inserted and rotated approximately 90 degrees clockwise. The LED changes from red to green indicating the lock mechanism is unlocked and the door can be opened. The key is returned to vertical and removed. When time runs out, the relay disengages and the LED illuminates red again. If a User Key should ever be lost or stolen, the key can be harvested (disabled) from the software.


Audit Trail

The Export Key retrieves the audit trail data from the controllers. The logged event capacity for each door is approximately 1,500 records. The Export Key can retrieve 5,000 event records, giving it the capability of retrieving records from multiple controllers. When an Export Key is inserted into a controller, the controller writes the records to the Export Key, confirms accuracy and erases the memory in the controller. When records from the Export Key are saved to the computer’s database and confirmed, the records are erased from the Export Key.

Once collected, reports can be viewed and printed in a number of formats, showing who gained or tried to gain access and when (what date and time). There are 17 standard event report forms. The data can also be exported as a CSV (comma-separated values) file for specialized report formats.

The Admin Kit is comprised of the G2 Programmer, the Admin Key, the Export Key, USB cable and the Guardian II Administration Software. The software can operate on Windows® XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 based computers. To complete an access control system, add the number and type of controllers required and the User Keys.

The Guardian II system provides access control for entrances, executive offices, shared facilities, specialized rooms, gates and remote locations including pool gates, marina gates, etc.

Technical support is provided free for Guardian II dealers. For more information, contact Larco, 210 N.E. 10th Ave., Brainerd, MN 56401. Telephone: 800-523-6996 or 218-829-9797. Web Site:

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