SimpliciKey: The Future Is Now

This electronic keypad deadbolt for residential use can be unlocked with a key, code or keyfob remote

Up to eight key fobs can be programmed to operate the SimpliciKey deadbolt. First, enter the admin code and “*”. Then enter ADDFOB and “*”. Keyfobs contain two buttons. One button shows a locked padlock logo (for locking) and the second button shows an unlocked padlock logo (for unlocking). After entering the ADDFOB command, simultaneously press both fob buttons. The keyfob should now be programmed to operate the deadbolt unit. A corresponding DELFOB command can be used to delete an individual remote from operation.

Other features of the SimpliciKey deadbolt include a sound whenever a keypad button is pressed and a special button on the keypad which will extend the bolt and lock the door when pressed. Both features can be turned off or on as desired.

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